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Monday, July 30, 2012

Fibonacci Numbers

I realize this video has that Louie Giglio "The Cross of Jesus is in the Lamin Molecule" feel to it. I am not saying this mathematical pattern is evidence for God's "fingerprints in the world," because any evidence has to be interpreted. Moreover, I haven't fact-checked a lot of the info cited within it, so I can say how accurate it is.

However, I do find the repetition of the Fibonacci numbers in natural occurring designs to be interesting, because math transcends human culture, and thus I believe it does reflect the mind of God. Even the secular world recognizes the uniqueness of the Fibonacci pattern found throughout the created world. See, for example, the article at Wackapedia on the Fibonacci Number and the one highlighting its mention in popular culture.



Blogger c.t. said...

I always hear technical traders in the stock market talking about Fibonacci numbers. Interesting.

12:09 PM, August 03, 2012  

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