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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TMS Apologetic Lectures

I was alerted to these set of video lectures by an apologetic review site on which the author was grousing how the teachers in this series aren't "presuppositional" enough. That means that he likes what he sees but he has been thrown into complete mental state of higgedly-piggedly because these lectures are coming from Dispensational oriented Baptist guys, not Covenant Reformed baby dippers. Thus his conclusion of them not being "presuppositional" enough.


I haven't had the chance to see them at all, but if you want a full blown seminary class on the subject of apologetics and evangelism, you've got the summer.

TH 701 Apologetics and Evangelism

By the way, Josh, who is the video guy at Grace Church, also has uploaded a number of other seminary classes, including stuff on biblical counseling, which I am sure is probably not NANC enough for some people's taste.

TMS Lectures

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