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Monday, April 02, 2012

Audio Recommendations

I thought I would start this week with a couple of audio recommendations.

First up is a series on parenting, particularly teenagers, taught by one of our elders here at Grace by the name of Chris Hamilton. If you want to get a feel for who he is, as well as hear some fun stories about Grace, Chris was recently interviewed by our pastor in our Sunday morning fellowship group.

For parents, both new, and perhaps seasoned, I think these messages are worth your time. He gives these lectures at least once a year. These I am linking were given a couple of years ago, but reflect the same material he covered just this last month when my wife and I went to his most recent class.

Parenting Teens: Introduction

From Girls to Women

From Boys to Men

From Discipline to Discipleship

Next up, and something entirely different, is Charles Clough's Biblical Framework course. Tommy Ice's youngest boy, David, who is currently at Master's Seminary, recommended his material to me. I only recognized Clough's name from a few journal articles and book chapters I had read. I didn't know he had a full-blown teaching ministry.

Clough's biblical framework course is over 200 messages aimed at teaching an entire, panoramic view of the Bible as a complete revelation. I listened to part 2, which covers Genesis, a good portion being the first 11 chapters which are so instrumental in having a foundation for the rest of Scripture. Clough is presuppositional in his approach, especially when he is laying out his apologetics. I highly recommend lessons 2-5 under his second set of lectures on Genesis that talk about the preconditions to truth and the myth of religious neutrality.

The lectures are downloadable and there are PDF files for the notes to the class, all available for free.



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