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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The End of Infidelity

I am often times left gawking at the sheer volume of material Steve Hays and the Triablogue team can put out. And it is none of that lame tripe written up by preachers wearing hoodies presently being pushed upon us by the Gospel Coalition publishing machines. The Triablogue stuff is worth the investment to read, because a person will genuinely benefit from their material.

The most recent offering is another ebook responding to the on-line atheist epologists like John Loftus and his crew:

The End of Infidelity

I have only downloaded it and will transfer it to my Kindle later today, but not even having read it, I can tell you it will be worth your time studying. Especially if you are engaged with internet atheists and their style of "epologetics" they attempt to claim is intellectual and rational. Or perhaps that grouchy, smug aunt or brother-in-law you only see at Thanksgiving or Christmas who is always swaggering to pick a fight with you on religion.

By the way, the Triablogue team put out a first volume in this subject a year or so ago also worth the download:

The Infidel Delusion

Now if I can only get some frequent internet trolls who stop by here to read them.

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Blogger steve said...

Thanks, Fred!

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