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Thursday, February 09, 2012

40 Reasons Revisited

A few weeks or so ago, I linked to a couple of blog articles by Paul Henebury on how we are not to re-read the OT according to the NT. I contacted him and asked if I could combine the two posts into one article and make a PDF. He graciously said yes. Those interested can see it here:

Forty Reasons NOT to Reinterpret the OT According to the New

And with that in mind, read Paul's follow-up post interacting with some rebuttals on the subject of NT/OT interpretation:

Is "Reinterpretation" the Right Term?

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Blogger Peter said...

I always thought this one was simple. All 66 books of the Bible are inspired, inerrant, and infallible. The OT foreshadows the NT and the NT fulfills the OT. So you can use one to interpret the other. Since the NT fulfills the OT, you have the answers at the back of the book for interpreting the OT. This means that the NT, where applicable, is the definitive interpretation of the OT; if it comes out as a new or re-interpretation of the OT, then either you interpreted the OT wrong in the first place, or maybe you interpreted the NT wrong or used it for an OT context where it does not apply. Right?

10:26 PM, February 12, 2012  

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