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Monday, January 02, 2012

Girl Toys

Right before Christmas, I was alerted to an article written by a mush-minded progressive mother who wonders why "society" gets upset if one of her sons was to enjoy playing with the new "girly" Legos. She gushes how he loves pink and all things feminine and soft, so he would LOVE playing with the new feminized Legos. The mother doesn't care if they are toys meant for girls and if he gets his culturally defined "gender roles" all messed up.

This mother's mentally deranged parenting aside, I wanted to fix our attention on this little note at the top of the article:

Editor's Note: Kelly Byrom is HLNtv.com's Art Director and the mother of three children. She and her husband are committed to encouraging and supporting their daughter and both of their sons to follow their hearts and be true to themselves. Boys in tutus don't scare them at all.

Zero in upon the second sentence: "She and her husband are committed to encouraging and supporting their daughter and both of their sons to follow their hearts and be true to themselves."

That sentence is a hypocritical falsehood. Initially, I almost wrote "a lie," but upon second thought, I don't think she and her husband intend to deceive people about their parenting. I think they both, particularly the mother/author, sincerely believe they practice this philosophy of allowing their children to "follow their hearts."

It is better to call this philosophy a hypocritical falsehood because I would bet a Costco ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and smothered in praline almond chunks, that if pressed, neither parent honestly practice this philosophy. They are words merely meant to sweeten up the sensibilities of their lefty friends.

In fact, there isn't a parent worth his or her salt who lets children "follow their hearts."

Think about it, children are essentially stupid idiots. Of course they are sweet, cuddly, and cute idiots who bring laughter and joy to our lives, but they are idiots none the less. They have to be trained. They have to be shepherded. It is why Paul writes to the Ephesians that when children obey their parents, they will live long upon the earth (Eph. 6:3). That is because if children are allowed to "follow their hearts," they wouldn't live long upon the earth. They would be mauled by tigers, or choke to death on marbles, or drink antifreeze, or eat so much candy and ice cream that they would die from a diabetic coma and this after their teeth had rotted out of their heads.

If I were to allow my children to "follow their hearts," they would go without bathing for days on end, eat nothing but waffles and mac and cheese, and sit in the living room playing Wii for 12 hours straight. (Almost sounds like a 25 year-old video gamer).

Anyways, in spite of being the good liberals that she and her husband profess their family is, I bet Kelly Byrom's children would do the very same thing if they were allowed to "follow their hearts." That's why I say that editor's note is a hypocritical falsehood; she doesn't practice what she preaches.

Now. This comment is being made within the context of an article designed to subvert the normal gender roles clear thinking societies have naturally established for men and women. Kelly is taking a stand for supposedly effeminate little boys who are exhorted by moron parents to one day grow up to become sodomites, or cross-dressers, or even worse, sex-changers who will mutilate their bodies. She's wanting to stick it in the eye of all those dinosaurish, progressively backward, red-state evangelicals who listen to Focus on the Family all the time and love Sarah Palin.

But I wonder...

I know of a situation where a teenager, raised by one of these couples who practice this "we let our children follow their own heart" philosophy, came home one day from high school to inform his parents he believed in intelligent design. They went "ballistic" and had him removed from that school because, "no son of ours is gonna learn that Jesus nonsense."

Along a similar line, if in the future, one of Kelly's sons comes home from school and announces he was now a Bible-believing, evangelical Christian and he believes homosexuality is a sin, would she and her husband let him follow his heart and be true to himself?. or will a boy carrying a Bible scare them to death?

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Blogger Ben Laakso said...

I appreciate your clarity in this post regarding the mother who wanted her sons to grow up being "true to themselves" and "following their heart". Would she be OK if her daughter decided to be a man? Probably, but I did have this exact conversation with my wife about something similar.

They're not really so open-minded that they would allow their kids to do or believe something that is against their own beliefs. It's pure and total hypocrisy.

10:41 PM, January 05, 2012  
Blogger Larry Geiger said...

Amen! Excellent post.

6:43 AM, January 09, 2012  

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