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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why Do We Believe in God

The Sunday before we left on our trip, Don Green filled the pulpit in our fellowship group. He preached a message entitled, Why Do We Believe in God? I thought I would alert readers in light of recent comment discussions with a couple of atheistic skeptics.

A more expanded version can be located HERE.

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Blogger Steve Drake said...

Green's commnent that it's not that the atheist doesn't 'get' it, not that they can't 'see' it (evidence for God), that it's not an intellectual problem, nor lack of information, but that it's fundamentally a moral problem. Green's example that like the bribed judge in a court of law, to which no amount of compelling evidence, no amount of air-tight legal argument, will sway the judge to rule for the truth. He will always rule for the bribe, because he has a vested interest.

The atheist is like that bribed judge. He has a vested interest in his own self-autonomy, his own self-love, his own independent mind to decide truth for himself. He's vested in his own self-interest and sin because he has loved the darkness rather than the light. He doesn't 'want' God. Doesn't want there to be accountability to anyone but himself. It's not that God has not made it plain to him, but his vested interest suppresses this truth in unrighteousness. He lies to himself that there is no God in contradistinction to the testimony of his own conscience.

Great sermon!

9:36 AM, December 21, 2011  

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