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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Questions for An Anti-Dispensationalist

Jamin Hubner makes an absurd comparison.

Talking about the history of the state of Israel with Zionist Dispensationalists … is as useful as talking about the history of the Bible with King James Onlyists.

Zionist Dispensationalists are the equivalent of KJV-onlyists? Really? Being one who once consider himself a “KJV-onlyist,” I take it that Jamin believes Zionist Dispensationalists are of the same mind-set as Gail Riplinger, Peter Ruckman, Sam Gipp, Jack Chick, Douglass Stauffer, David Daniels, David Cloud. Individuals who cling to a particular view of textual criticism against all sound fact. One prone to historical revisionism and conspiracy theories involving clandestine heretics secretly altering the truth.

In the same manner Zionist Dispensationalists are prone to historical revisionism and conspiracy theory. They are thoughtless, believing a particularly view of biblical prophecy and the historical outworkings of that prophecy against all sound fact. Worse still, their intellectually blind allegiance is driven by a soul-damning theology.

With that in mind, I have some questions for Jamin:

What exactly is a “Zionist Dispensationalist?” [here after, “ZD.”]

Are ZDs to be distinguished from Zionists?

Are ZDs to be distinguished from Dispensationalists?

Does Jamin believe all Zionists to be Dispensationalists?

Does he believe all Dispensationalists are Zionists?

Would Dennis Prager, who supports the state of Israel, be a “ZD”?

Are all Christians who support the modern state of Israel considered ZDs?

Would any Bible-believing evangelicals who believe there is prophetic significance to the existence of the state of Israel be considered ZDs? Why or why not?

Would those evangelicals who lived prior to the 20th century, before the state of Israel, and who believed in a restoration for the nation of Israel be considered ZDs?

Would J.C. Ryle be a ZD?

Would Jonathan Edwards be a ZD?

Would Charles Spurgeon be a ZD?

Would Robert Murray M'Cheyne be a ZD?

Would Charles Hodge be a ZD?

Can a person not be a ZD and still support the modern state of Israel?

Can a person recognize that the Palestinians are worthy of condemnation on many levels and not be a ZD?

I’ll be curious to read Jamin’s answers if he so chooses to respond.

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Blogger steve said...

Richard Bauckham wrote an essay on "The Restoration of Israel in Luke-Acts."

Therefore, that makes Bauckham a "Dispensational Zionist," who's on the same plane as a KJV-onlyist.

7:10 PM, October 01, 2011  
Blogger Ken said...

The Videos by Dennis Prager are excellent. Thanks for linking to those.

7:38 AM, October 05, 2011  

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