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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recommended Reading Lists

Dr. Robert McCabe, Hebrew and OT prof. at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, links to his seminary's list of recommend resources: Basic Library Book List

There are some good recommend resources listed, though I would offer some additions.

For instance, I was surprised that they left off H.C. Leupold's wonderful two volume work on Genesis. I would imagine this has to do with it being out of print, at least to my knowledge, which truly is a crying shame. And no serious Bible student should be without C.H. Spurgeon's The Treasury of David in his Psalm's library.

Also, they didn't seem to recommend any NT survey works, D. Edmund Hiebert's 3 volume NT introduction and Donald Guthrie's NT introduction being two of the essential go-to works.

Under apologetics, I was deeply appreciative that they list primarily presuppositional works. That warms my heart immensely. However, John Frame was overlooked and his survey of Van Til's apologetics is a worthy contribution, as is his Apologetics to the Glory of God.

And then, Jim Hamilton's God's Indwelling Presence and Larry Pettegrew's, The New Covenant Ministry of the Holy Spirit, are excellent on the subject of the Holy Spirit.

The Master's Seminary also has a similar list: 850 Books for Biblical Expositors
A lot of their resources overlap what is found on the DBTS list, though its primary emphasis is upon commentaries.

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