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Friday, September 16, 2011

Interesting Stuff on the Web

It's been a while since I have had the opportunity to do this...

Back in August during my break, I re-edited and re-posted some articles and book reviews at my other site. I even put them in PDF. It's like I am steppin' high and to the right. A couple of articles on apologetic practice and three book reviews:

An Essay on Handling Internet Atheists

Questions from a Skeptic

Grace, Faith, and Free-will: Contrasting Views of Salvation

Refuting Compromise

The Unbound Scriptures

I have more updates, re-edits, and re-posts in the works.


And speaking of apologetics, SyeTenB of sinner's ministries, went into the lion's den of atheistic philosophy this past July and handled himself well against senior philosophy lecturer, Stephen Law and his cronies. It's worth spending ten minutes scanning through the comment thread just to read Sye's comments and challenges.


Plus, Sye and pastor Dustin Segers were interviewed for a podcast on the subject of apologetic methodology and it's application in evangelism. Radio Show: The Existence of God


If you run in home school circles, or even those Christian patriot circles where participants strategize on how to take America back from the Commie Marxists, you may be familiar with David Barton's Wall Builders Ministries. I am only slightly familiar with him and over the years I have appreciated what I have read of his work in anchoring our generation in the authentic history of the United States, which includes a strong Christian emphasis in spite of the ACLU's attempts at historical revisionism.

Barton has recently come out as a strong supporter of Glenn Beck, even to the point of saying his Mormonism shouldn't be an issue and making the troubling claim that Beck preaches the "gospel" when he is allowed a platform at mega-churches. Brannon Howse and Phil Johnson discuss Barton's "jumping the shark" moment as well as Christian political activism: Worldview Radio


And, Phil provides a touching remembrance of Norm Sper, who was the founder of Grace to You radio. He had left working here when I arrived, but I think I recall meeting him one time a long time ago at some GTY related event. It's worth the read: An Amazing Life


And in case you are wondering,

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Blogger Matt said...

I haven't studied the issues in depth, but because of something that recently came up at work I've started reading about Wall Builders. I went to school at TMC and studied under Dr. Gregg Frazer, whose teachings on the Revolution and the Founders I'm quite familiar with and are quite different from Barton's. The little I've looked into Barton leaves me slightly skeptical of some of his claims...

Sorry, I'm rambling and not being too clear. I don't mean to besmirch Barton's reputation, just to say that I'm looking into things and think that he bears examination to see if what he says holds up to the light of history. I thought I'd suggest that the issues are worth examining and Frazer is a good source with a different take.

11:02 AM, September 16, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the whole thread from Stephen Law's blog and another thread it spawned. One thing I can say for sure: Sye Ten B knows how to drive them crazy. :)

11:08 AM, September 16, 2011  
Blogger MSC said...

I have done a fair amount of reading on religion and America's founding. I think the best book on the subject I have read so far is James H. Hutson's "Church and State in America: The First Two Centuries." Hutson is the Chief of the Manuscripts Division at the Library of Congress.

There is far too much naive rhetoric from the left and from the "Christian America" right (e.g. Barton) on this topic. It would be too reductionistic to say the truth lies somewhere in the middle because the issues are so complex. In either case, I think we can confidently say that the Revolution dispensed with the theocratic ideas of the 17th century puritans in New England, yet saw a civic brand of Christianity as important to the founding. Yet as we all know, such a civic form of religion is a far cry from Biblical Christianity.

Having said all that, not establishing some sectarian form of Christianity as the state religion was quite instrumental, in my view, in preserving the sort of freedom that has allowed Biblical Christianity in America to flourish. Of course the same principles have also allowed for the pluralistic mess we find ourselves in now. This is why we must be patient for the only truly successful political kingdom to arrive when the King Himself arrives. Seeking anything less is an invitation to disaster.

10:23 PM, September 16, 2011  
Blogger Sir Aaron said...

Thanks for the link to the radio broadcast, Fred.

It would have been difficult to have a sectarian federal religion since the whole idea was that the states (who believed differently) would decide this for themselves.

9:01 PM, September 18, 2011  

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