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Monday, August 01, 2011

Sabbatical Rest

Since I began blogging on May 31st, 2005, I have pretty much posted something a few times a week for over six years. According to my dashboard counter I have 1387 posts. Excluding the many simple links to off-site resources in print, audio, or video, those 1387 posts still represent a good number of articles on theological, pastoral, apologetic, and exegetical subjects.

When I write my more detailed articles and essays - the stuff I pray has way more lasting value - I do my best to put thought into what I am presenting. When I am writing against a particular theological position, I try to make a solid effort to frame the arguments of my detractors fairly and with accuracy. I take blogging seriously in this manner because I wish to honor the Lord first and foremost, and then I want to minister to the Body of Christ at large.

It's that second point which truly motivates me. My heart is blessed when I check my sitemeter page and I discover someone in Akron, Ohio has spent 43 minutes looking over my articles on eschatology. I am also encouraged by commenters, both friendly and hostile, because their input helps to focus my thinking and sharpen my arguments. Plus I will say I deeply appreciate the grammar nit-pickers who lovingly email me to point out my split infinitives or whatever.

Except for the occasional vacation when I was away from a computer, and one week in 2009 when I moved to a new house, my blogging has remained uninterrupted. That's rather impressive, even for me, seeing that most blogs maintained by a single person rarely make it two years. I can't tell you how many times I clicked the profile page of some commenter, clicked over to his blog, and discover the last post he made was sometime in August of 2007.

With that being said, I am taking a month long break. I think I have earned it. So, from August 1 to after Labor Day, my blogging will be virtually nil. I have been revamping articles at my other website, Fred's Bible Talk, so when I get them on-line, I can post a link. If something earth shattering comes along, I will blog it, but I don't anticipate that happening.

This doesn't mean I am quitting, or slowing down, or that I have come to the pious conviction that blogging is beneath a genuinely, spiritual Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am just wanting some R&R. Plus, I will be around on other blogs commenting here and there.

So, until after Labor Day, I am going French.



Blogger DJP said...


7:36 AM, August 01, 2011  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Thanks for the support. It's just a month. Think about it: All of Europe is on their state imposed month vacation, and some how they manage to survive.

Then again, they may not be the best comparison, but you know what I mean.

7:41 AM, August 01, 2011  
Blogger Tyler Wallick said...

I bet I am the guy in Akron :)

8:13 AM, August 01, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Je vous verrai plus tard, Fred.

9:56 AM, August 01, 2011  
Blogger Tom said...

Have fun! Want me to keep things running while you're gone? Hehe.


12:46 PM, August 01, 2011  
Blogger Neil said...

Amusez-vous pendant votre pause. Reposez-vous et à nous retourner les ongles crachant et mâchoires. D'ici là, les Philistins théologiques sera de courir de manière chaotique, et devra être sévèrement disciplinés.

12:31 PM, August 02, 2011  
Blogger Peter said...

"And God fillide in the seuenthe dai his werk which he made; and he restide in the seuenthe dai fro al his werk which he hadde maad; and he blesside the seuenthe dai, and halewide it; for in that dai God ceesside of al his werk which he made of nouyt, that he schulde make" (Gen2:2-3 Wyc).

8:53 PM, August 02, 2011  

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