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Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Couple of Items

No. I am not rescinding my commitment to my "sabbatical." Remember, I said my blogging would be "virtually nil," which means "mostly nil." When I have a moment, I can still throw up some brief posts.

A couple of items may be of use to my readers.

First, is Phil Johnson's interview regarding the series Grace to You has been running on our blog concerning the YRR (That's Young, Restless, and Reformed for you all not in the know). John MacArthur has been penning his thoughts of encouragement to the YRR, exhorting them to essentially grow-up, be sober-minded, and yet still reforming. The reaction, to say the least, has irritated many of them. The comments under the various posts may clarify what I mean.

None the less, Phil went on a Detroit talk show to speak on the subject of these posts. It made for a good interview worth your time: Paul Edwards Interviews Phil Johnson

Next, Kress Publications will be releasing Dan Phillips' book on Proverbs in September and there is currently a pre-pub price you may wish to take advantage of. Additionally, you get a nice coupon to purchase some of the other titles published by Kress.

I had the honor of reading Dan's work in draft form and I can testify that the book was an absolute delight for me to read. Of course, when I read it, I had to skim more than sit and ponder and digest what he was writing because I had to submit my "critical" remarks for publication purposes. I am looking forward to having a nice book copy in my hand, not loose paper, and reading this marvelous treasure once more. If you like Proverbs and you want to read an unique work that goes beyond the standard commentary on Proverbs, you will thoroughly enjoy getting this for your library.

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Blogger DJP said...

Thanks so much, Fred; your reading was a great help. The final form is, I think, much better because of the comments of readers and Eric Kress.

That deal (50% off) is so great I'm tempted to get a few copies myself!

6:52 AM, August 05, 2011  

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