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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is Gene Simmons A Moron?

he most recent celebrity turned anti-Obama pundit is Gene Simmons.

Over the last month or so I have watched two different interviews with the guy and his dark sunglasses railing against the president for being a lame disappointment.

The most recent was an interview for some FOX financial program, and the way the guy talked, you would have thought he was auditioning for being the next host to replace Glenn Beck.

Gene Simmons Regrets Voting for Obama

Simmons demanded his vote back because he voted for genuine change. He sincerely believed Obama would surround himself with the smartest financial geniuses the Fortune 500 had to offer.

Is he a child? Or has drugs and loose women rattled his brain? Where was Gene Simmons 4 years ago when we pointed out Obama's connections with American hating radicals like William Ayers? What does Gene talk about when he hangs out with his Castro loving Hollywood/entertainment pals?

In a previous interview, laced with bleeped out F-bombs, Gene and his sunglasses blasts Obama's Israel policy.

Gene, who was born in Israel, expressed outrage at Obama's policy of returning Israel to their 1967 borders. He carried on like he had been tricked. As if discovering a flirty groupie was really a man. He goes on complaining that when he voted for the Obama he was voting for an "idea" not "idealism" (as if there is some sharp difference between the two notions), and that he couldn't believe how *bleeping* out-of-touch with reality the president is.

Were there any alarm bells ringing in Gene’s mind 4 years ago when the revelations about Obama’s Jew hating pastor came to light? It’s not like these sniggling details were hidden from the public.

Stop being so Pollyannish, Gene. The man’s worldview was soaked in some of the worst anti-American (and anti-Israeli) vitriol to be found anywhere on earth. I took him at his word when he said he wanted to change and transform America. I didn’t want our country to become a worthless, emasculated European social state ran by the soft tyranny of leftist bureaucrats. I believed him the first time. The next time, don’t be a moron.

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Blogger Robert said...

Sounds like he should take a look in the mirror and ask how out of touch with reality he was in supporting and voting for Obama. All he hd to do was look at the real-life proof laid out before him instead of just listening to all the propaganda. Of course, I am sure that there are plenty of people who are in that boat with him. Sounds a bit like the Titanic...they chose to drive the rest of us into the iceberg that we saw all along.

8:07 AM, July 12, 2011  
Blogger Tom said...

I read "Gene Simmons" and thought "Richard Simmons." Then I thought "Who cares what Richard Simmons says?"

Then I realized you were talking about the Kiss guy, and thought, "Who cares what Gene Simmons says?"

Then I realized there was a post about the Kiss guy on Hip and Thigh.

Did I miss the Rapture?

12:13 PM, July 12, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another liberal Jew whose hope and change were dashed to pieces on the rocks of reality. Better late than never. Welcome to the party, Gene. :)

11:33 AM, July 13, 2011  
Blogger Edward said...

When the president does not even know how many states are in the union he governs he really needs to be let go. Fired,impeached or ignored by congress and everyone else.

Lets send him back home to Kenya. Maybe he can do for them all the wonderful thing he has done for us. The real truth is we would have to borrow the money for his plane ticket.

6:29 PM, July 13, 2011  

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