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Friday, July 22, 2011

Interesting Stuff on the Web

The 7/22/11 Edition

Jesse Johnson at the Cripplegate gives his take on the C.J. Mahaney/SGM train derailment,

My Thoughts on the C.J. Fiasco

I truly appreciate Phil Johnson's (no relation to Jesse) comments on the matter he made at his Facebook page,

In my estimation, certain aspects of SGM teaching encourage too keen an interest in the sins of others; foster a culture of confrontation; discourage people from turning the other cheek at personal affronts; and allow people to view every wrong suffered as an occasion for implementing the process of Matthew 18. Add the subjectivity inherent in all Charismatic worldviews; plus a top-down, authority-driven approach to discipleship; plus a tendency to breed morbid introspection and melodramatic expressions of "humility"--and you have a gourmet recipe for precisely this kind of meltdown.

Sye Ten Bruggencate, who operates Proof that God Exists, learned a valuable lesson about interviews with atheists.

An atheist who had interviewed Sye for his podcast program made some serious edits to Sye's portion, particularly those portions that made the atheist look sort of dumb. When the edits were discovered and the atheist confronted, he denied the charges, saying he only edited portions that slowed down the program. To his credit, he later supplied the full, unedited program.

Sye gives a brief summary of the situation and provides the full transcript of the program with "edited" portions highlighted in RED.

Also, Sye was interviewed by Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor for the Creation Today videocast. Another good discussion worth your time.


And then finally, if you are interested in making toys from trash... This guy shows you how.



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