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Monday, June 27, 2011

Gleanings from Daniel

Some folks have asked about the other studies I wrote up on Daniel. They are all suppose to be available under my Daniel “tag,” but my “tag” only displays the last 10 or so posts from the series. Folks are missing out on the first half. So, I put them all in one place for your convenience.

Daniel, A Brief Introduction

Israel in Babylon: 1:1,2

An Uncompromising Life: 1:3-21

The God of Dreams: 2:1-23

Kingdoms and the Latter-day: 2:24-43

The Latter-days: 2:28

The Coming Kingdom: 2:44-49

The Fiery Trial: 3

The Humbling of Nebuchadnezzar: 4

Babylon Falls: 5

The Lion Den: 6

The Night Vision of the Four Beasts [1]: 7

The Night Vision of the Four Beasts [2]: 7

Excursus: Premillennialism and Daniel 7

The Ram and the Goat: 8:1-8, 15-22

Antiochus IV: Precursor to the Anti-Christ: 8:9-14, 23-27

Daniel Prays for Israel: 9:1-19

An Introduction to Daniel’s Seventy Weeks

God Answers Prayer: 9:20-24

Daniel’s Seventy Sevens: The Sabbatical Year: 9:24

Daniel’s Seventy Sevens: Prophetic date Setting: 9:25-27

True Spiritual Warfare: 10

The Testimony of Fulfilled Prophecy: Daniel 11:1-35

The Willful King: Daniel 11:36-45

The Final Triumph of God's People: Daniel 12:1-3

God's Prophetic Word: Daniel 12:4-13



Blogger Jon said...

Did you email this list to Jamin? ;-)

7:38 AM, June 27, 2011  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

I ain't big enough or important enough anymore to warrant Jamin's attention. He's all ready trounced me good, so what would be the point in beating a dead horse?

Besides, it's hack trolls like me who forced him to close his comments because I was wasting his time asking him uncomfortable questions and distracting him from more important matters.

7:44 AM, June 27, 2011  

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