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Friday, June 24, 2011

Refuting Theistic Evolution and Old Earth Creationism

Articles I have written interacting with, and answering, theistic evolution and other old earth accommodationist views of the creation week in Genesis.

On Theistic Evolution, Biologos, and General Deep-time Creationism

Views of Genesis and Personal Salvation


Hard Truths for Theistic Evolutionists [1]: God’s Character and the Doctrine of Inspiration

Hard Truths for Theistic Evolutionists [2]: On Death, Dying, and Suffering

Hard Truths for Theistic Evolutionists [3]: Genesis as Absolute Beginning Out of Nothing

Hard Lessons from OEC and Theistic Evolutionists [1]

Hard Lessons from OEC and Theistic Evolutionists [2]

On Matters of Age

True Colors

Old Earth Defenders of the Gospel

Evangelicals and Atheists Together

Interactions with Muddled Reformed Apologetics

Apologetics and the Age of the Earth

Time Bigot: And Other Remarks by an Ignorant, Anti-old Earth Creationists

Hermeneutical Challenges and Other Exegetical Jedi Mind Tricks

Article XII and the Age of the Earth

Miscellaneous Articles

Raqia and Ancient Cosmology

Going “Bart Ehrman”

The OEC Woodshed

Honest to God

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Blogger Steve Drake said...

Hi Fred,
Do you have something here that answers the claim that
1) We need to read Genesis 1-11, re: the Creation account and Noah's Flood, with other ANE writings in mind and should be interpreted in light of the culture of the day? That reading it in the plain or literal sense does not do justice to these other ANE and cultural settings?

9:43 AM, June 24, 2011  
Blogger Steve Drake said...

Don't know if you saw my earlier question and post yet, but in perusing these articles for the last couple hours I have found you have addressed my questions. Thanks. Keep em' comin'! Blessings.

12:17 PM, June 24, 2011  

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