Hip and Thigh: Smiting Theological Philistines with a Great Slaughter. Judges 15:8

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sometimes in the next hour, 6/22/11, 1:09pm, my hit counter will roll over to 300,000.
That's like a city's worth of people who have stopped by here, this rustic outpost down on a dirt road off the internet super highway since August, 2006.

Nothing too spectacular about that, I know. I just like nice, round numbers.

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Blogger The Squirrel said...

Congrats! A good chunk of those hits were me



1:16 PM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger Edward said...

Congratulations Fred. By the way how did you come by the name "Hip and Thigh"? I've been wanting to know for sometime now. This is a good time to ask.

3:19 PM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger P.D. Nelson said...

I was expecting a Spartan picture with this post. And really Fred dirt road? Your more than that.

4:09 PM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

The title comes from Judges 15:8. Read it in the KJV and you'll get the gist.

It has nothing to do with joint pain medication.

5:38 PM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger The Seeking Disciple said...

I've always liked the title of your blog. Catchy!

6:45 PM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger Peter said...

But it's good dirt.
Maybe not pay dirt.
Maybe more like the movie Joe Dirt.

We like your dirt, Fred.

8:41 PM, June 22, 2011  
Blogger Lynda O said...

Congrats, Fred, and keep up the good work!

5:54 AM, June 23, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

300,000 good uses of time.

10:36 AM, June 23, 2011  
Blogger Sir Aaron said...

I came by at least 10,000 of those times.

5:10 PM, June 23, 2011  

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