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Saturday, May 28, 2011

FBT Updates

For the long, Memorial Day weekend, if any one is interested, I uploaded the remaining two audio messages that finish my series on the Creation Week of Genesis.

Plus, I added two excellent articles. The first is by Doug Kutilek on,

The Defense of Biblical Miracles.

It's longish, but a good overview on the doctrine of biblical miracles and their place in redemptive history.

The second is by Phil Layton.

A collection of citations from post-Reformation theologians who believed in a restoration of ethnic Israel.

This came up earlier this week in my article about one particular young, restless Reformer who insists that the idea of the Jews being saved and restored at the return of Christ is the promotion of a false gospel.

Hope you all enjoy them and I'll see everyone after Monday.

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Blogger Peter said...

Some of Peter's Famous Aphorisms:

God must work through both extraordinary and ordinary means.

If he worked only through the extraordinary, then God would be an alien invading, on occasion, our universe.

If he worked only through the ordinary, then God would be confined to the rules of the universe.

Working through the extraordinary, God proves his almighty transcendence of natural laws.

Working through the ordinary, God proves the universe and its laws are his.


11:40 PM, May 31, 2011  
Blogger Peter said...

On Creation

It is the creationist that makes the audacious, paradigm-shattering statements about the natural world in the tradition of Galileo.

Galileo spoke the simple truth and upset the powers of the adulterated religion of his day.

Likewise the creationist in ours.

Just like the priest of Romanism in Galileo's day, the priest of Scientism in ours keeps out intellectual competition by guarding the gates of academia against the gifted. Thus keeps the priest his white smock for himself and his lot.

But such is to rebel against God's truth.

And speaking the audacious truth is to rebel against the priest.

Then let true men be rebels for God.

Three cheers for creationists!

11:59 PM, May 31, 2011  

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