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Monday, April 04, 2011


Angola prison in Louisiana had the reputation of being a brutal, cruel place. It is a facility where some of the hardest, most violent criminal offenders are housed. It is said that 90 percent or more of the prisoners at Angola will be serving out life terms.

Angola was such a terrible place, both prisoners, and prison guards and wardens, never wanted to go there. In 1995, Burl Cain became warden. He thought he was only going to be there for a few years before he would be moved somewhere else in the U.S. prison system. He didn't expect he could change anything.

In order to survive the couple years he expected to serve at the prison, he knew immediately he had to do something to get the violence and bloodshed among the prisoners under control. So he invited the LSU atheist free-thinkers society to come in and teach the prisoners about Darwinian evolution and proper hygiene.

No. Just a little apologetic humor there.

Warden Cain knew the only thing that could change prisoners is Christ. He began with a core group of inmates with whom he did intensive Bible study. He insisted on both prisoners and prison employees to behave with Christian morals. And he founded a Bible college and seminary for the prisoners.

Burl Cain was interviewed on his work at the prison.

The prison turned around dramatically, and it stands as a testimony of God's grace in the lives of some of the most notorious sinners in America.

Our pastor, John MacArthur, was invited last fall by the inmates in the Angola Bible college and seminary to come and teach for a few days. John eagerly went and had a wonderful time teaching the men the Word of God.

Shortly after he returned, an acquaintance passed along these short videos highlighting the history and revival that took place at Angola.

Part 1

Part 2

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AH-Mazing! Grace. Thanks for posting this. It ministered to my soul.

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