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Monday, March 14, 2011

More on Japan

The tragedy in Japan continues to escalate. More and more horrific images and videos of the tsunami continue to come on line. Without duplicating a lot of what many news services have posted and what can be found on Youtube, here are some of the more amazing ones I have come across over the weekend.

Lane Chaplin twittered this first person account of the tsunami. The siren in the background makes the video even the more chilling.

Of course, the first video I saw from Foxnews was absolutely breathtaking. (I apologize for the ridiculously inappropriate commercials that precede it).

And these pictures from Boston.com Here and Here and these from the Daily Mail.

When you look at these images, it puts the 1889 flood of Jamestown, PA, in a better perspective.

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Blogger donsands said...

We really don't have words to describe this. At least I don't. And here's a thought, that I heard from my pastor yesterday, "We ain't seen nothing yet."
And he said that in humble sorrow for what has happened in Japan.

Thanks for posting these. It made me go to my wife and spend some time in prayer for the nation of Japan.

5:26 PM, March 14, 2011  

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