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Friday, March 04, 2011

Interesting Stuff on the Web

My goal is not to ape the otherwise wonderful visit to Dan's place to see his weekly Hither and Thither. No. Sometimes I find interesting things I would like to share, but they don't necessarily warrant their own post.


In order to maximize blog space and my reader's time, when I find such items, I plan to bunch them all together in one, nice little stop for your convenience. It may not be weekly, at least I don't intend for this to be weekly. I'll have to find some catchy title to call the series.

Any how...

Rob Gagnon is something of an enigma. He's a NT prof. at a liberal seminary, as well as an ordained elder in a liberal denomination (PCUSA). However, he has some of the best apologetic material available addressing biblical sexuality, homosexuality, and the so-called gay "evangelical" apologists who revise the Bible to make it teach that God approves of homosexuality. His book on the subject, The Bible and Homosexual Practice, is an engaging read, extremely detailed and exegetical, in spite of having to wade through a lot of his higher critical views of the Scripture.

I am surprised he hasn't been thrown out and defrocked from his denomination. When you read his interactions with opponents, they are effeminate looking men wearing sweaters and short-haired women dressed in pastel colored clerical garb. The kind of folks who put up a sweet, tolerant facade and attempt to accommodate every crackpot worldview imaginable, but seethe with rage as soon as they're challenged with the truth.

Anyways, all of that to say that someone over at CNN made the mistake of letting Rob Gagnon write an opinion piece for their website in response to some wack-a-doodle woman who says the Bible just ain't clear on the subject of homosexuality for people to be so dogmatic.

My Take: The Bible Really Does Condemn Homosexuality

Not much good comes out of Harvard these days, but in this video, historian Niall Ferguson educates the young, multi-cultured, "all societies are the same," progressives as to the reality of Obama's amateur dealings with world affairs, especially the situation in Egypt and the potential disaster that looms on the horizon if the Muslim Brotherhood gets power. Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated Sadat for making peace with Israel and many of the members helped to start Al-Qaeda.

Niall Ferguson on Obama's Foreign Policy

I consider myself to be a book lover. Bibliophile is the more technical term. I haven't embraced the digital library movement as of yet, except to purchase Logos. There is something about walking into a room filled with books on shelves. It's as close as I come to having a charismatic experience.

One of my tasks over the years is to gather a good library of commentaries. Commentaries can be expensive, so I don't just want any old commentary. I want something worth my investment of time and money in my collection, so I tend to search for recommendation lists to help narrow my field to those choice works.

Because I am so picky, I was thankful I found this outstanding website,

Best Commentaries

I am fairly certain I saw this linked on some blog I frequent, so I imagine many readers may already be familiar with it. They list all the available commentaries and attempt to rank them according to a system. Reviews of individual works are also available, as well as links to recommended lists and they track forthcoming works. It is not due out for a few years, but I am looking forward to Dr. William Barrick's work on Genesis.

Those interested in a little historical background to the background of presuppositional apologetics may enjoy listening to this discussion with Scott Oliphint on the Clark/ Van Til controversy. A bit heady as to some terminology, but a good overview to the debate between these two men.

The Clark/Van Til Controversy

In cased you missed seeing this twittered by Phil, Werner Herzog's documentary about the late Gene Scott is available online.

God's Angry Man

I stumbled across a Gene Scott television program shortly after I first arrived in LA to go to school. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen. He sat upon an enormous, leather chair on a lighted theater stage. Next to him was a huge white board with Greek words and Bible verses scrawled across it. Scott wore a cowboy hat and his eyes were covered with mirrored sun glasses. I hadn't watched a minute when all of the sudden he stops what he is talking about, says something like, "The people at the switchboard are telling me the donations have slowed down. I can't do this stuff for free. I won't continue until I start seeing $1,000 dollar donations." The screen fades to black, and then what appears to be a homemade video of Scott riding horses in the mountains with some teenage girl walking along side him comes up and plays for the rest of the time. I just sat there perplexed and thought, "Well, I am in LA."



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I've lived in Ventura near L.A. all my life and never have seen Gene Scott. Sorry you had to get that impression about the area Fred.

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