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Monday, November 01, 2010

The Tea Party in Context

My buddy Dan posted this at his site over the weekend.

I thought I would share for a different readership.

I was chatting with a friend on Saturday while standing in line for a bounce house during the annual AWANA fall festival. Our conversation turned, of course, to politics and we began discussing the circus that was, as of Saturday morning, taking place in DC. The gathering on the Mall there in Washington was suppose to rival, if not surpass, that Glenn Beck gathering back in August. The lefty progressives, at least the local ones I regularly encounter on the web, were semi-live blogging the event (until wireless service was shut down). A few of them were crowing that the TEA Party movement was losing momentum and will be passe' by next January. All of them were doomsaying the "new" TEA Party candidates who will merely join hands with the Republican machine and compromise all those values that allegedly distinguish them as TEA Party members.

My friend pointed out that the left has never really "gotten" the TEA Party. Since its inception a couple of years ago, the participants have consistently been characterized by their lefty opponents as nothing but a loose affiliation of red necks who do nothing really but listen to conservative talk radio and were sore losers over the fact a "colored" man was in the White House.

But as the movement began to grow among the ranks of normal, middle class people and gain traction politically, the progressive left began picturing them as a bunch of old folks clinging to dinosaurish ways who don't realize the world has moved on from the 1950s -- and plus they are bigoted racists. Over the last month or so, these people have been described as being afraid of the future and when a person is uncertain about how he will feed his family the next week and whether or not he will find a job, they gravitate to the kind of extremist talk generated by the leaders of the TEA Party. It's the kind of zeitgeist that got Hitler elected.

This dumb rhetoric reveals how out-of-touch the left truly is. They have spent the last year and a half listening to the sounds of their own echo chamber. They have no real clue as to the whirl wind they will reap on Tuesday. As I noted back in April of this year, the TEA Party is more than just disgruntled red neck hicks and old people. It's regular folks; like me. I have never been to a TEA Party rally. I will probably never go to one. But I can tell you that I agree pretty much with what they stand for as Klavan outlines in his video.

You see: Regular folks rarely, if ever, protest. Progressive lefties generally do all the time. It's in their blood. Protesting is like their version of a tent revival. It is what stirs their soul. Moreover, lefties typically have the ability personally to rally at the drop of the hat because they are young with no real world commitments like raising families and working full time. So the enormity of the clown review over the weekend in DC doesn't really bother me, because rallying and protesting is what progressives do all the time. However, when the normal people are stirred to rally, when they are willing to make vacation time and bring the family, this is the tip of a much larger iceberg. A few hundred thousand normal people rallying means there is more than likely 100 times that number who feel the same way.

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Blogger Chris said...

Well, I hope you're correct Fred. My guess is that the lefties are accurate when they predict that the Tea Party movement will become passe in a few months. There will be, what, at most 75 seats that will turn over? That still leaves most of the same people in office that have been there for years.
I get the feeling that the Tea Party movement is the last gasp of the old America. A fundamentally Christian, ethnically European America that understands and appreciates the America that our Founders gave to us.
The Cultural Marxists have largely captured and infiltrated all of the institutions that influence young minds.
To get America back to its original moorings, it will require committed Christ-lovers to do everything in their power to raise children outside the influence of Hollywood and the public schools.
Since it took a few generations for the Marxists to accomplish their aims, it will take us a few generations to do the same.
However, trying to undo the depravity that haunts our land will be extraordinarily difficult. Maybe we should shake the dust from our feet and advocate secession.

12:32 PM, November 01, 2010  
Blogger shecky said...

I commited christians will still have to deal with commited musilms etc, and are not exactly in any great position to do so unless they find a relevance level for their dogmatic views. Same goes for the muslims etc, but my point is that being commited to your religion ignores the reality of many things. It ignores the fact that christians are outnumbered in the world, so a simple muslim majority can overthrow you on almost any law even in the wondrous USA. Being commited christians makes you a target for the hate or fear of those commited to other religions. Being commited christians ignores reality on many levels. Are you going to institute another baby boom to outstrip your competitions numbers and thereby destroy our planet through gross overpopulation? Lefty people may not have the Tea Party 100% 'sounded out' accurately, but illogic is notoriously difficult to comprehend. I also fear the 'Hitler' scenario presented by the article writer, and realize that yes, the Tea Party are exactly the people who would sign up for that, all unknowingly!

12:59 AM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Sir Aaron said...


Christians will do what they have always done. (1) We will hold fast even under persecution. Our enemies will pass away and Christianity will endure. (2) Christians don't increase through breeding, we increase by God's grace through evangelism that results in the elect coming to saving faith in Christ. (3) Christians have always been outnumbered. The way is small and few are those who find it. Our hope is not in numbers but in Christ who uses even evildoers for His own purposes. (4) Lastly, we will act as though we don't live here. We would prefer to stay in a five star hotel as opposed to a seedy run down motel, but in the end, our stay is merely a brief respite on our way to eternity.

6:09 PM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Sir Aaron said...

@Chris: I do think that this is America's last chance. It may, in fact, come to a point where we as Christians must decide what course of action to take. Moving might be one of them.

6:11 PM, November 02, 2010  

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