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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Eschatological Studies

It has been a long time since I have written on the subject of eschatology. I had started defending premillennialism, but got distracted. The big encounter I had earlier this year with theistic evolutionists stirred my passions to address Genesis, but I do plan on returning to eschatology and premillennialism, so stick around. Back articles are available HERE if anyone is interested.

I even have in mind to do some study of individual passages of Scripture, like the Olivet Discourse, Ezekiel's Temple vision, and a few others. My original goal was to build an exegetical case for premillennialism, rather than just write about it in general, and I plan to stick to my initial direction. My series on Daniel is bringing me closer to discussing chapter 9 and the 70 weeks prophecy, and eventually chapters 10-12, which is a major eschatological portion of Scripture that has to be dealt with exegetically.

In the meantime, Master's Seminary prof., Michael Vlach, has been adding articles to his website, Theological Studies, that may be useful for those wishing to dive into eschatology. Most of them have been written by his seminary students for the classes Dr. Vlach teaches. I have to confess I haven't read them all in full just yet, but they appear to be stimulating studies.

Worship in the Messiah's Kingdom, is a study on Ezekiel's temple vision.

Hebrews and Eschatological Systems, explores whether or not the book of Hebrews only supports non-premillennial systems of eschatology.

Nations in the Eternal State deals with how literal, geo-political nations will have a place in the eternal state.

Then one final note, Dr. Vlach's dissertation on supersessionism, or replacement theology, has been printed in a lay friendly book. I have read over his dissertation, and contrary to a few of my Reformed Baptist acquaintances who wish to dismiss their own views of Israel as "replacement theology," Dr. Vlach has done a good job of outlining the historical background to the theology. There have been other books on the topic, like Barry Horner's work, Future Israel, and Dr. Vlach's work will provide additional information to the debate.



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My copy of Vlach's book just arrived in today's post. I'm looking forward to reading it.


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