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Friday, October 15, 2010

Separation of Church and Technology

I had a frenzied week; a fun frenzy, but frenzied nonetheless. So, even though I have accumulated lots of potential blog topics, I haven't had any time to read, reflect, ponder, and write.

I did, however, get the opportunity to hear James White's podcast from Tuesday, 10/12 and I glanced over the article he reviewed at the opening of his show. Though it is a bit technical, the author did a fairly good job of boiling down the essentials of DNA, genetics, and the intricacy of our human genome.

Getting Over the Code Delusion

The main theme of the article is to point out that the deeper we go into the human cell with the advances of our technology, the more we are discovering just how much we don't know at all about the origin of life. If one didn't know any better, it would be easy to conclude that the author is a contributor to the Discovery Institute. He seems to want to deny the stated obvious: that life is complex beyond imagination and functions with a purpose or an intended design. On the one hand, he exposes the inability of evolutionary gobbledygook to adequately explain life as we know it evolving by random, undirected processes, while on the other he is trying his best not to invoke the word "design."

The final paragraph summarizes the article well,

There is a frequently retold story about a little old lady who claims, after hearing a scientific lecture, that the world is a flat plate resting on the back of a giant tortoise. When asked what the turtle is standing on, she invokes a second turtle. And when the inevitable follow-up question comes, she replies, “You’re very clever, young man, but you can’t fool me. It’s turtles all the way down.”

As a metaphor for the scientific understanding of biology, the story is marvelously truthful. In the study of organisms, “It’s life all the way down.”

This attitude of denial provides problems with those who wish to evaluate the evidence with integrity. Will there now be a separation of church and technology as those intrepid scientists who see what is so plainly the truth are willing to acknowledge the hand of their Creator?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article, Fred!

I love this:

“Another conundrum — perhaps the most decisive one — has been recognized and wrestled with (or more often just ignored) since the early twentieth century. With few exceptions, every different type of cell in the human body contains the same chromosomes and the same DNA sequence as the original, single-celled zygote. Yet somehow this zygote manages to differentiate into every manner of tissue — liver, skin, muscle, brain, blood, bone, retina, and so on. If genes determine the form and substance of the organism, how is it that such radically different cellular architectures result from the same genes? What directs genes to produce the intricately sculpted and differentiated form of a complex organism, and how can this directing agency be governed by the very genes that it directs?


And this:

“So what’s going on? These puzzles turn out to be intimately related. As organisms rise on the evolutionary scale, they tend to have more “junk DNA.” Noncoding DNA accounts for some 10 percent of the genome in many one-celled organisms, 75 percent in roundworms, and 98 percent in humans. The ironic suspicion became too obvious to ignore: maybe it’s precisely our “junk” that differentiates us from water fleas. Maybe what counts most is not so much the genes themselves as the way they are regulated and expressed. Noncoding DNA could provide the complex regulatory functions that direct genes toward service of the organism’s needs, including its developmental needs”

This is what infuriates me about some of the theistic evolutionists I have encountered here and over at GTY: They ridicule creationism under the assumption that a creator would not leave so much “useless junk” in the genome. And yet, we really have no idea how all these cells are directed to differentiate and form complex organs and then have those organs connected together to form living things. Hmmmm…could the “non-coding” DNA have something to do with it? Duh!

I predict that, in time, all of this so-called “junk” DNA will have functions found for it. Evolutionists are arguing from ignorance when they use “junk” DNA in the same way they used vestigial organs as evidence for molecules-to-man evolution.

8:40 AM, October 16, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another related article regarding information theory and biology by Werner Gitt:

Information, science and biology

8:46 AM, October 16, 2010  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

It's like evolutionists are just now starting to catch up to what creationists have been saying for like 30 years now.

10:09 AM, October 16, 2010  

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