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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fred's Voter Guide

Ah... The mid-term elections are here. Over the course of 2010, it has been a delight to watch the Democrat left implode upon themselves. For my California readers I thought I would post my take on the candidates and propositions. I apologize to you non-California people, like Neil. This post isn't really relevant to you, but maybe you'll like my snarky comments.

In the grand scheme of things, there are only two major races in California that are significant, Governor and Senate.

First, we have Jerry "moonbeam" Brown and Meg Whitman battling it out for governor.

Granted, Meg isn't the greatest of candidates we have before us. I think she displays the Pollyannish naivete of R'nold when she boasts of coming to Sacramento to shake things up. I believe she is going to find herself engaged in a titanic struggle with the state unions to get her agenda passed. We can only hope she isn't a tomato can like R'nold was and is rendered useless when the union mob threatens her family.

Yet, in spite of these severe shortcomings, she is miles ahead of Jerry "moonbeam" Brown. Honestly, Jerry Brown? A dirty old hippie that's been deloused and put in a suit? Are the people of California that stupid? Or should I say high? This is a guy who wants us to live in these high density communities where we take monorails to work everyday and have our electricity rationed to us about 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening. Seriously? Jerry Brown?

Next is Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina for senator. I know next to nothing about Fiorina. Dan did mention about working under her at HP after she first announced her intentions to run. I don't care that I don't know who she is. Boxer is such an obnoxious shrew I want her thrown out. Yes, Ma'am.

With the other candidates, if you want to see real hope and change for California, just vote all Republican, maybe Loosertarian if you must, but the Marxist sympathizing Democrats need to be junked.

Now, to the state propositions,

Proposition 19 is about the legalization of pot. Dude... like. I don't think it's a great idea to let people have the ability to grow dope in their backyards and light up fatties in the coffee shops. The last thing we want is to turn this place into one of those coma induced Scandinavian countries. I'm voting NO dude.

Propositon 20 is all about redistricting the congressional districts, which may be a good idea. Voting yes will remove elected officials, who have something to gain from controlling how congressional districts are outlined, and give it to a non-political commission. This proposition works together with proposition 27 in which a yes vote on that proposition eliminates the non-political commission and gives the authority back to elected officials. Me personally, I am voting Yes on prop. 20 and No on prop. 27.

Proposition 21 is a scam proposition that makes people think it's a good thing to raise our vehicle license fee 18 dollars to help pay for state parks and wildlife programs. There are currently lots of Disneyesque commercials showing majestic mountains (Most of which are found in the federal parks of California) and frolicking animals that are attempting to get people to vote yes on this proposition. It's a scam in that we already have plenty of tax money directed to such programs if our state legislatures could balance the budget and cut back on state union pensions. But, because they are bound by laws they passed, they have to now find alternative ways to cover their rears.

Proposition 22 is designed to keep the state from raiding the funds used for transportation projects like adding more car pool lanes (as if we need more car pool lanes). I am voting yes on this proposition, but something tells me that politician will find a way to raid those funds anyways.

Of all the propositions on the ballet, Proposition 23 is the most important. It will suspend the implementation AB 32, the disastrous air pollution control law. The main talking point from the opponents of Prop. 23 is the fact that a couple of out-of-state energy companies based in Texas helped fund the push to get Prop. 23 on the ballet. They repeatedly point this out in their political ads as if they have uncovered some nefarious, right-wing conspiracy.

I, however, praise the Lord there is someone out in the real world that has common sense and the means to take a financial risk in order to save California from their own mental instability. We should think of those Texan oil companies as concerned homeless shelter workers who wish to rescue us from our own drunken filth.

I like my electricity. I like my air conditioning. I like my suburban sprawl. I like my giant box stores and malls. I want to have the freedom to drive a big, gas guzzling truck with deer blinding lights and big, knobby, rabbit crushing tires if I so choose. I don't want to put solar panels on my house and I don't want to have to live like I am in Central Africa using cow dung for fuel to cook my food and a car battery to power my fluorescent bulbs for a couple of hours in the evening. And I certainly don't want to live in some high density dystopian hellscape governed by ugly, short haired, blandly dressed, environmental women bureaucrats. So I am voting YES on Prop. 23.

Proposition 24 repeals recent legislation that would allow businesses to lower their tax liability. When you Google "prop. 24" the first website that pops up is the "yeson24" website. The summary line says: "It's time to give US a break NOT big corporations." Such slogans are usually the songs of crackpot progressives who hate big businesses and want everything to be mom-and-pop driven. But seeing how these evil corporations are the ones who employ thousands of workers, it is stupid to tax them into oblivion and drive them from our state. I am voting NO.

Proposition 25 changes the requirement for a legislative vote to pass a budget and budget related legislation from being two-thirds to a simple majority. Which means in a liberal, crackpot oriented state like California, the crackpot liberals would get everything they wanted passed. The two-thirds is the much needed stalemate. I'm voting NO.

Proposition 26 requires that any taxes (that have been Orwellianly renamed as "fees") must have a two-thirds vote for approval. See why Prop. 25 is important now? I'm voting YES

On Proposition 27 see above under Proposition 20.

As for the judges on the ballet. If you are like me, you are totally stupid when it comes to who you should vote for as a judge. The word is that all three of the Supreme Court Justices should be voted out, so I am marking "no" on all three. As for the other justice seats, I did find this helpful website, put together by a conservative guy, who provides some additional information.

Judge Voter Guide

Look in the side bar for your county/district, and they have some info about the various candidates.

And then of course, make sure you read over your ballets and double check them before you hand them in.



Blogger Truth Unites... and Divides said...

"Honestly, Jerry Brown? A dirty old hippie that's been deloused and put in a suit? Are the people of California that stupid?"

According to the polls (whether they're trustworthy or not is another question) Jerry Brown will win.

So either the people of California are that stupid or the media in California is that effective in persuading people to vote for Jerry Brown.

11:07 AM, October 29, 2010  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

The latest poll as of this day, the 29th, is that the governor's race is a toss up at this point.

11:09 AM, October 29, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:20 AM, October 29, 2010  
Blogger Truth Unites... and Divides said...


I really hope Whitman wins. I have heard that if Jerry Brown wins, many businesses will leave California. But I think many businesses will leave even if Whitman wins.

Lastly, I've heard from some conservatives that it might be a good thing if Jerry Brown, Boxer, and some of those liberal propositions pass. The thinking is that the state has to be destroyed in order to more properly reform it.

I can see their point, but I remain dubious.

Anyways, we Christians need to preach the Gospel and make disciples regardless of the political outcomes. While carrying out our civic duties as voters and citizens.

11:25 AM, October 29, 2010  
Blogger Sir Aaron said...

I saw your voting guide and had to laugh. I obviously left when the tide was right. If it weren't for the fact that we'll have to bail out CA when it goes into bankruptcy, it would be comical to watch the people of that formerly great state vote themselves into oblivion.

2:57 PM, October 31, 2010  
Blogger Sonja said...

Thanks Fred, for kind of explaining the Jerry Brown theorem which proves the old adage of the definition of insantiy -- doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Poor California.

Us Washingtonians are following in your trailblazing footsteps of destruction!

5:56 PM, November 01, 2010  
Blogger John said...


Love you but you better read about 22 before you vote "yes" on it.

electionforum.org is 1 place

1:50 PM, November 02, 2010  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Read it. What am I missing?
I don't want the state legislature to be able to raid monies marked for other funds just to cover their financial woes.

2:56 PM, November 02, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

California after the election: out of the frying pan and into the fire.

7:32 AM, November 03, 2010  
Blogger Truth Unites... and Divides said...


I can't believe how ridiculous the majority of California voters are.

Jerry Brown was a disaster before. And he gets re-elected?

Barbara Boxer has been horrible. And she gets re-elected?

Gavin Newsom broke the law as Mayor of San Francisco by marrying gays. And he gets elected?

Proposition 23 was overwhelmingly rejected.

Businesses will continue to leave the state. The exodus may accelerate.

More unemployment. More foreclosures. And the spiral downward accelerates.

California may be the Greece and TARP drainsuck on the rest of the country.

There will be calls to NOT bail California out.

And with the blueness of the state, how soon will gay marriage appear before the U.S. Supreme Court?

7:56 AM, November 03, 2010  

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