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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Prop. 8

So a federal judge, who just happens to be a homosexual, overturned an amendment to the California constitution that would not allow homosexual perversion to be normalized by the state government. Was there anyone who honestly did not see that coming?

Of course, all the supporters of proposition 8 are haters and bigots. Isn't that what the slogan stated: "prop. 8 means hate!" Maybe next time they can name similar legislation prop. 19 so as to avoid the negative marketing campaign.

This loaded rhetoric assumes, however, that supporters of prop. 8 are all bigots at heart to begin with who think all gay people are just icky pedophiles. Painting your opposition as Nazi monsters who want to bring forth a fundamentalist dystopia is typical of progressive propaganda. It's the type of sloganeering that plays upon the shallow, unthinking minds of our MTV generation. There is no need to intellectually engage the arguments if your opponents are really just a bunch of corpulent, red faced Fred Phelps types who yell at people.

For example: a blog my wife and I frequent for its ability to follow closely the local news of our hometown is typically left leaning in the opinions of the main hosts. They posted a gloating comment praising the wise decision of the judge who is only protecting the minority from the harshness of the bigoted, mob majority.

In the meta, amongst all the high fiving comments, someone mentioned how the religious right needed to heed their own Bible and consider Matthew 7:1. My sweet wife innocently left a response telling the person he was taking the passage out of context. She explained how Jesus was in no way saying we are not allowed to judge others in matters of sin when it violates God's Word, and then she linked to a sermon by our pastor on the passage. It was like someone threw a live squirrel in to a room full of dobermans. The vitriol of the responses was truly revealing. My family has been officially labeled "a clan."

There are others in my blogasphere who can write much more eloquently on the outrage of this judge's decision than I can. I will say I am not entirely agreed with secular conservatives on how to address this issue. On the one hand, I would certainly agree same-sex marriage is detrimental to the overall health of our society at large. "Normalizing" the sexual perversion of an extremely small fraction of individuals degrades the significance of marriage as it has been instituted throughout the course of human history and the function of society. Western society in particular has seen the importance of regulating the conduct in marriage. There is a penalty to be paid when one commits adultery or engages in prostitution or any other number of sexual violations of the law.

To be consistent, same-sex marriage supporters should also rally behind those Mormons and Muslims who wish to practice polygamy. By prohibiting the practice of polygamy, especially by the proponents of a major world religion, the rights of those who wish to have three wives are being violated, are they not? Who is the government to tell these individuals who they can and cannot love? How to practice their faith? I mean, there all sorts of constitutional rights being trampled upon by banning polygamy.

Yet on the other hand, while I certainly agree with all those things secular conservatives argue in support of prop. 8, I am against same-sex marriage for only one reason: God has told us who the participants in a marriage are to be -- one man and one woman. This is the way it was from the beginning (the reason why Genesis is theological foundational), which was affirmed by Jesus in Matthew 19, and further affirmed by the apostle Paul in Ephesians 5. God has defined marriage for humanity, any deviation from that pattern is sinful.

Hence, as I understand it, the rage expressed against supporters of prop. 8 is not because they are bigots and homophobes. The rage is expressed against the God of heaven Who has defined marriage for all men.

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Blogger donsands said...

"The rage is expressed against the God of heaven Who has defined marriage for all men."


And who's gonna win out in the end?

If God is against you, who can be for you?

1:35 PM, August 05, 2010  
Blogger Sir Aaron said...


Can I be part of your clan?

I've made this observation before, but it's hard to get anybody to do what's best for society, especially if the consequences are generational rather than immediate. How often has America been criticized for failing to take long term consequences into account for financial decisions, much less a more nebulous (but still real) effect on society? Selfishness blinds us to what's best for others and best for ourselves. So without a theological basis for law and government, society will degenerate into "do what what you want" very quickly. Which BTW, ultimately leads to tyranny because otherwise you have to create more laws to restrict behavior.

2:26 PM, August 05, 2010  
Blogger Shazza89101 said...

Well Fred...I guess I have mixed emotions about it all...especially since I have some gay people in my family...I know how ecstatic they are about the whole ruling and yet...they are not looking at this from a biblical stand point and call themselves christians to boot. They are totally unable to recognize satan. They are looking at this totally from a world view and are allowing the him to deceive them further...its such a shame. It's very frustrating to know that some who claim Christ will be judged by him and yet its a really good wake up call to know that I need to be watchful of the things that are happening quietly around me...like this law being overturned. I just pray for the deceived and hope my Lord will open their eyes to their folly and lift the blinders before its too late. I will say that your blog helped open up my communication with my daughter regarding this issue of so called gay rights. She had a obvious world view about this subject but your blog redirected her back to scripture and asking questions and that's an awesomet thing. So thank you for that Fred. Sharon.

7:36 AM, August 06, 2010  
Blogger buddyglass said...

For what it's worth, I agree: supporters of SSM should probably also support legalizing polygamy, at least in the long term. I do, at least. The difficulty in the short term is that the preponderance of legislation defining the privileges and obligations of marriage is predicated on a binary relationship. That would all need to be expanded, which is a major endeavor. Not so for SSM since its still a binary relationship.

Also, I question the extent to which SSM is "detrimental to the overall health of our society" since homosexuality itself is already legal, and considering the already sorry manner in which most people regard marriage. For those whose primary concern is the "sanctity of marriage", I'm sorry, but that ship has already sailed.

7:30 AM, August 08, 2010  
Blogger donsands said...

"For those whose primary concern is the "sanctity of marriage", I'm sorry, but that ship has already sailed."

I wonder, ..what do you think God thinks of these people wanting to redefine what He has ordained: Marriage?

10:33 AM, August 10, 2010  

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