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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

11 foot, 8 inches

We are sending out our first batch of ESV study Bibles this week, so blogging will be light. I have a big essay in the works that may be up later, but I don't know.

In the meantime, allow me to entertain you with an amusing website.


I realize this may be sick-minded, but I would find great glee in sitting by the road just waiting for some hapless fellow to come driving through with his U-Haul.

Just to whet your appetite for destruction:

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Blogger The Squirrel said...

Truck = 13'6

13'6 > 11'8

Who said that there wouldn't be any math? There's always math...

(Holder of a class-A CDL)

7:19 AM, August 31, 2010  
Blogger Mike said...

Speaking of which, I can't wait to get my MacArthur ESV! Thank you all so much for making such a great resource available, and for giving away so many of them! Bless you my brother, and everybody at GTY.

10:09 AM, August 31, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Akmost all of them were rental trucks. Duh.

4:21 AM, September 01, 2010  

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