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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Islam Resources

I guess if you are outside my immediate circle of blogger acquaintances, you may have missed the goings on in Dearborn, MI, this past weekend (6/18-6/20/2010) when a group of Christian evangelists were arrested for handing out copies of the Gospel of John and witnessing to Muslims at a local Islamic festival. I am personally baffled as to why Glenn Beck or some other major conservative radio talker didn't cover this more extensively. Perhaps they did and I missed it, but we need to ponder long and hard as to what happened. Video and photography is available and a review of the material clearly shows the Christians were not behaving, say for example, like Fred Phelps or any number of crackpot fundamentalist "street preachers" most folks are familiar with.

Meanwhile, there were some debates that took place in conjunction with this festival between James White and some other Christian apologists, and in between all of that, James White, Sam Shamoun, and some other guys, participated on an TV program discussing the points of disagreement between Christianity, Islam, Mohammed and Jesus. There is some good stuff to watch that provides a solid introduction to Christian apologetics answering Muslims. Both James and Sam are outstandingly informative in this discussion.

First long video is here:

Jesus or Muhammad (Mohamet, Muhammed, whatever)

The other installments are located AT THIS POST. Scroll down to the bottom to get the links to the videos.

I only wish these guys had been around when I was in college at ASU. They would have provided valuable insight for my interaction with the Muslims I worked with.



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