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Friday, June 11, 2010

Articles on Apologetics and Evangelism

Articles I have written addressing apologetic methodology, the application of apologetics in evangelistic encounters, and answering atheists, pseudo-Christian cults, and other religions.

Apologetic Methodology:

Introduction, cont.
The Myth of the Neutral Playing Field
Evangelism’s Woes
Foundational Blocks for Building a Wall of Defense
Developing a Strategic Offensive
Readying Ourselves to Engage the World
Readying Ourselves to Engage the World, Pt. 2
Readying Ourselves to Engage the World, Pt. 3

The Application of Methodology

Ray Comfort’s Debate on Atheism
The Atheist’s Nightmare
The Dangerous Thin Line Between Human Reason and Biblical Authority
The Laminin Molecule and the Inadequacies of Evidence
Indescribable: A Review
The God of Weights and Measures
The Death of a Deist
Clearing the Presuppositional Malaise
Applying Presuppositionalism: Exegetical and Theological
Applying Presuppositionalism: Practical and Workable
Answering a Cranky Evidentialist
Apologetic Methodology in a Nutshell
CSI Apologetics
God Fearing Apologetics
Apologetic Dissonance
Questioning Classic Apologetics
True Persuasion: Contrasting Apologetic Methodologies

Apologetics In Action

Our Dinner with the Mormons
On Mattresses and Mormons
Visiting with the Secular Humanists
Visiting with the Secular Humanists #2
Jehovah’s Witnesses at the Door
Me and the UFO Guy
Divine Miracles
A Conversation with the "Mother-god" Guys

Answering Atheism:

Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool [My series interacting with the arguments of Chaz Bufe, the Blues loving anarchist]

Twenty Ways to Answer a Fool, Introduction
Is Christianity Based on Fear?
Does Christianity Prey on the Innocent?
Is Christianity Based upon Dishonesty?
Is Christianity Egocentric?
Does Christianity Breed Arrogance?
Does Christianity Breed Authoritarianism?
Is Christianity Cruel?
Is Christianity Anti-intellectual?
Does Christianity Have an Unhealthy Preoccupation with Sex?
Does Christianity Have a Narrow View of Morality?
Does Christianity Depreciate the Natural World?
Does Christianity Model an Authoritarian Organization?
Does Christianity Sanction Slavery?
Is Christianity Misogynistic?
Is Christianity Homophobic?
Is the Bible a Reliable Guide to Christ’s Teachings?
Is Christianity Borrowed from Other Ancient Religions?

Bob, the Blog Commenter
[Articles interacting with Bob, the bitter atheist commenter]

What About Bob?
Bob’s World
Bob and Weave
Bob Sled

Richard Dawkins Post Box Series

Post #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Miscellaneous Articles Answering Atheism

Thank You Mr. Atheist for Your Loving Concern
Ridiculing Unbelief
12 Angry Statements
Suicide Solution
Answering Punk College Atheists
Musings from Atheist Dan
Why Should Atheists Care about Japan?
Epistemically Out-of-Touch

Conspiracy Theories
Chick Tracts Get You in Trouble
Tin-Foil Hat Theology: [Post #1, Post #2, Post #3]

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