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Monday, May 17, 2010


I do believe we are seeing the unraveling of a Christian celebrity. 

Over the weekend, high school year book photos of Ergun Caner were published, and contrary to his claim that he was a hardcore, Jihad training Muslim who wore Islamic clothing to high school, the year book photos show a kid who looked a whole lot like my high school acquaintances in Arkansas with all the awkward hair cuts and gangly physical features typical of all high school kids.  The Associated Press released a report on the Caner situation which is probably the more accurate one I have read in the mainstream media since this whole thing has gone down. 

Liberty University has set out an investigative probe to  look into Caner’s background and whether or not he embellished his past.  Of course, I am amazed that in light of the crushing amount of evidence demonstrating he has, an investigative probe of this nature is even necessary.  But, the leadership has to look as though they are taking these matters seriously now that the MSM has gotten involved and they are no longer able to ignore anonymous, “hack” bloggers with a personal vendetta against the Caner brothers.  

I personally predict a face saving attempt will be made to put these accusations off their back.  I can see Caner resigning, perhaps shortly after the June 30th deadline for the probe to finish, and his excuse will be something along the lines of having to sacrifice himself to save the university he loves from the mean-spirited Calvinists and angry Muslims and other anti-Christian hostilities who only wish to see the school ruined. When reputations on this level are at stake, I rarely see the person in question acknowledge the truth. 

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Blogger DJP said...

Wow a (A) good (B) religious writeup (C) from AP.

It's worth a moment's pause.

11:55 AM, May 17, 2010  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

I know. The mind boggles.
I imagine there are couple of reasons for this "objectivity:" AP is not beholden to LU for advertising money, and the reporter absolutely has no clue as to the players involved with the dispute. He is just reporting facts.

12:19 PM, May 17, 2010  
Blogger The Squirrel said...


1st, the AP article wasn't all that good because they didn't (A) interview me, or (B) link to my blog.

Having said that, I wonder if Caner will resign before any "official findings" are released, so as to avoid having any "official findings" on record?

Just thinkin'...


12:24 PM, May 17, 2010  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Link Troll.

That's a good point, however. I could see that happening, too.

12:25 PM, May 17, 2010  
Blogger J. Brian McKillop said...

I agree with your prediction - he will resign to save face, but will not admit that he lied.

3:41 PM, May 17, 2010  
Blogger donsands said...

"..his excuse will be something along the lines of having to sacrifice himself to save the university he loves from the mean-spirited Calvinists and angry Muslims and other anti-Christian hostilities who only wish to see the school ruined"

And of course Satan is subtle and he will be blamed for attacking and trying to hinder Ergun.

3:56 PM, May 17, 2010  
Blogger Highland Host said...

This double standards business is sadly all too common. Anyone who has had the misfortune to run into a Riplingerite will tell you that they attack her critics for picking on details, when Riplinger does just that!

3:49 AM, May 18, 2010  
Blogger gary dilworth said...

Hello Mr. Butler,
I saw you and TF talking briefly the other day on the Camping affair. I saw your name today at the Pyromaniacs blog. I like your posts, and have already learned from them. Take a look at these quotes…
“[Elmer] Towns, who had a hand in hiring Caner, says the Liberty board has held an inquiry and directors are satisfied that Caner has done nothing theologically inappropriate…"It's not an ethical issue, it's not a moral issue," Towns told Christianity Today on April 27. "We give faculty a certain amount of theological leverage. The arguments of the bloggers would not stand up in court." (Christianity Today)
And this one from Norman Geisler for Peter Lumpkins to ‘spread far and wide‘…
“I am familiar with the slanderous charges that have been made against Dr. Ergun Caner generated by some Muslim groups and other extremists. I have looked into the matter, talking with Ergun and other principal parties at Liberty, and am convinced that the charges are libelous. I am also convinced that whatever ambiguous or misstatement that may have been made, Dr. Caner has done nothing heretical, immoral, or illegal. I stand with him against these vicious attacks. He has taken a strong stand on important issues that stir up controversy, but to my knowledge has done nothing unorthodox or malicious. I urge all to consider him innocent unless proven guilty. He has welcomed an inquiry from the Liberty authorities. Let’s await their findings. Christians have a bad habit of shooting their wounded. Let’s pray for and encourage our brother.”
Fred you said, “I am amazed that in light of the crushing amount of evidence demonstrating he has [embellished his past], an investigative probe of this nature is even necessary.”
Dr. Towns and Dr. Geisler seem unaware of the evidence. These defenses are a very significant part of the problem we face. Do you have any thoughts about that?

2:30 PM, May 26, 2010  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Well, as I understand things from individuals who attend LU, and I read this in the comments in one of the various blogs discussing the Caner situation, the Elmer Towns citation in CT was not specifically in relation to this situation with Caner. One student suggested it was erroneously taken out of context. I don't know what the facts are behind Towns's quote, but if the original inquiry he notes in his citation took place and the faculty of LU were satisfied, then why is there an on going investigation happening now that is suppose to be wrapped up by June 30th?

As to Norman Geisler, I think he is merely being a supporter of a friend. He works with Caner, or has in the past, so I can understand his defense of his friend. That in turn makes me wonder if he has really examined the evidence brought against Caner.

What's your take Gary? Are you of the opinion that Ergun Caner has been entirely truthful with regards to his life story and no embellishment has taken place that presents a man to the public that really never existed?

5:46 AM, May 27, 2010  
Blogger gary dilworth said...

I've looked at the evidence at TurretinFan's website. I've read the quotes from Caner's books, read the trascripts of some of Dr. Caner's speeches/gospel presentations, I've watched a few of MoKahns video's, and observed the everchanging published biographies of Caner. I know he contradicted his birthplace. It looks like he made up a language (spoke jibberish) to Americans more than once, fabricated being raised in Turkey and trained as a terrorist, and also is no expert on Islam. James White has exposed numerous errors in that regard. I think the truth is probably that he was raised here in America from the age of 4 at the latest, and had a relatively normal life going to American schools all of his young life. His yearbook photos, and school activities suggest that. Generally, he has said and written many things that are extremely difficult to reconcile.
I am hoping that he repents thoroughly, so that we can close ranks aroung our brother. That is what I want more than anything else. I don't want him to resign, without repenting. That would be horrible. I want him to repent, and repent thoroughly, and let the discipline come, and for us to close ranks around our brother, and let the healing come. I want God to glorify His holiness, and His mercy. His heavenly hand comes down hard on our behinds...the pain grows and grows... and we learn to say to Him, "Lord" and mean it with all our hearts. (The Lord's discipline finishes the Lordship/Free Grace debate). But I've digressed...
Thank you,

2:13 PM, May 27, 2010  

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