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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Answering the Claims of KJV-Onlyism

The various articles I have written answering and refuting the apologetics of King James Onlyism.

Many of these articles are also available at my other website, Fred’s Bible Talk.

My Testimony

Leaving King James Onlyism (with special thanks to Gail Riplinger)

My Series Examining the Apologetics of King James Onlyism

The Six Arguments in Defense of KJV-Onlyism

The Exclusivity Argument [Pt. 1]

The Exclusivity Argument [Pt. 2]

The Promise Argument

The Textual Argument

The Textual Argument: The Preservation of the OT

The Textual Argument: The Preservation of the NT

Have Heretics Corrupted My Bible?

Were B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort Apostate New Agers?

The Line of Good Bibles Argument

The KJV Translators and Their Work

The Historical Argument

Miscellaneous Articles Addressing KJV-Only Issues

Liberals, KJV-Onlyists, and Inerrancy

Run for Your Lives! KJV-Onlyists Will Eat You Alive!

Translational Discernment

Answers KJV-Onlyists are Afraid You Will Provide [Pt. 1], [Pt. 2], [Pt. 3]

Textual Preservation and MVOs

The KJV-Only Naturalistic, Non-neutrality Argument

Welcome to KJV-Only Fideist’s Club House

King James Only Historiography

F.J.A. Hort and Séances

Slaves of Christ [Pt. 1], [Pt. 2]

The KJV-Only, He-man Woman Haters Club

The KJV-Only Easter Bunny Trail

Cloudy Daze (Romans 8:16 and “The Spirit Itself”)

The Wheels on the Chariot…

Bro. Cloud’s 8 Presuppositions for Textual Criticism

The Unbound Scriptures, A Review



Blogger Carl said...

I'm glad you compiled the articles in one place. I'm running into some KJV-Only extremists on the CARM forums one of whom actually claims that Jesus Christ and the Bible are one and the same and he proudly admits worshipping the Bible (bibliolatry). This person also claims no one can be saved with any Bible other than the 1611 KJV. The claims the KJV-Onlyists there make without any sound evidence is just mind-boggling. It's frustrating to refute their claims only to have them make them again a week or so later thinking everyone's forgotten.

9:42 AM, June 03, 2010  

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