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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Answering the 95 Theses of Dispensationalism

Sometime last year, oh I don't know when exactly... Maybe fallish, I received another eye rolling screed against the evils of dispensational theology. Sadly, the Monergism website endorses and links to the screed, which knocks them down a bit in my opinion of them.

The 95 Theses Against Dispenationalism

95!? There are exactly 95 problems with dispensational theology!? Ah, yes. This is a Reformed group publishing these theses, so we have to have some historical reference. It is put out by a group called the Nicene Council spearheaded by Ken Gentry and other preterist guys like Gary Demar.

Ninety-five is quite a daunting list. And the writers want you to know your an idiot, too, if you disagree with them. At least that is the tone I get from them.

I wondered if anyone was going to respond to them. It would make for at least 95 blog posts. Thankfully I was made aware of Dr. Reluctant, Paul Henebury, who was providing a response to each point. I think when I discovered him, he was on his 12th post and was maybe half way through the 95 points. I wanted to link his material immediately but thought I would wait until after he finished. That was to be several months later, but he finally completed it.

Contra the 95 Theses

There are 23 post in all. The tag page starts at the top with the last one, so you have to work your way down to the first one on a second page. Hopefully that is not confusing for you.

The fellows who put their list together give the reader the impression their arguments were unassailable and thus unanswerable. They'd better not go away from Paul's response thinking such things.

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Blogger DJP said...

Oh, it's worse than you say. I wrote Hendryx in 2004, correcting him. He responded that he was right: dispensationalists are synergists.

"Hey!" I say. "Standing right here!"

4:20 PM, May 20, 2010  
Blogger DJP said...

PS - I was hoping this title meant you were about to Butlerize the 95 Theses.

4:23 PM, May 20, 2010  
Blogger Paul said...

I don't recall having to deal with the charge of synergism in any of the 95 Thesis. Hendryx (via Dan) has just supplied Thesis 96 (but then the link to Wittenberg would be ruined).

Where I come from being a Dispensationalist is on the same level as being a payed up member of the Flat-Earth Society. The disdain runs deep and the ability to talk Biblically is lost accordingly. I only hope I am not and never become so unreasonable.

1:29 PM, May 21, 2010  

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