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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tea Parties and Evangelism

The tax man hath cometh...

Last Thursday, April 15th, Tea Parties took place across the United States. We had a big Tea Party rally in my hometown. I personally did not attend because family related chores were occupying my time that afternoon. I did drive by the location where it took place at least four times during the course of my chores.

The first time I drove by, there were maybe 10 folks, all senior citizen aged, which looked like the affirmation of the current liberal myth that the majority of Tea Party people are white, retired, and represent a by-gone, dinosaurish, political perspective that doesn't like black people. But, 30 minutes later, I drove by the same spot and there were at least a hundred -- all young, tax paying middle class people. The third time I drove past, the crowd had certainly tripled in size and I saw lots of families, men in ties like they had just gotten off from work, and many college aged kids. The last time I drove by, at the peak of the rally, the crowd had swollen to at least 1,500, give or take.

I recently linked to a photo essay contrasting two separate protest rallies: One in Searchlight, NV, where Sarah Palin was a keynote speaker, and another in L.A. that featured gangs of left-wing fascist thug anarchists spewing venom at Jews. The rally in Searchlight was painted by conservative critics as a large gathering of an out-of-touch political minority desperately clinging to backward thinking ways who refuse to face the facts of their increasing irrelevance. Furthermore, because they are opposed to Obama's administration, they reflect an intrinsic racism present within pretty much all conservative ideology. They should be called "Tea Klanners" not "Tea Partiers."

The L.A. rally, on the other hand, was all but ignored by the media local or national, and scarcely, if at all, analyzed by watchdog pundits. The only reason it was even pointed out was due to a group of intrepid, anonymous photographers who posted the pictures on the internet.

The difference between the two is staggering. Where as the Tea Party folks are vilified as racists, never has any real example of a racist comment or sign been exposed. Most that are have been made-up hoaxes. These lefty protests, however, will display some of the most wicked, anti-Semitic comments on signs the likes of which haven't been seen since pre-WW2 Germany. During the Bush years, these protest mobs regularly had images of Bush being hanged, assassinated, or dressed like Hitler. And of course the ever present anti-Jew sentiments. To call Tea Party people racist and dangerous to our society while virtually ignoring these leftist protests and the bile they spew forth with their signs, shows how myopically liberal the media truly is.

Under my post, a commenter asked an astute question: If I had the opportunity to evangelize these groups, which one would I choose and why? That's a good question. The immediate response is obvious for most evangelists: the left wing crowd. Here we have a group of individuals motivated by hatred of Jews and conservatives. They are in desperate need of hearing the gospel. If they were genuinely in power, they would not hesitate to turn their peace loving ways to the eradication of any and all individuals who stand opposed to them. That would be normal, conservative folks. Think the Cuban revolution and Mao.

Yet, it is easy to discount the conservatives. I have discovered that red state conservatives can be some of the most deceived individuals when it comes to salvation. They tend to come from church backgrounds, but a lot are from churches that may be "conservative" but not Bible believing. If they were like me when I was growing up, the Gospel they hear is shallow and presents a Jesus who is there to merely give them a wonderful plan for their life, not save them from the just wrath of a holy God.

I would add how this presentation of Jesus has produced generations of so-called Christians who are bankrupt ethically in their personal lives. Though if they were in power they wouldn't gun down their ideological enemies like the left have historically done, they can behave cruelly against those with whom they disagree with gossip, slander, favoritism and the like. If anything, these attitudes reflect individuals who are not being sanctified through the Word of God by the work of the Spirit. At worse, they are false converts.

Moreover, Tea Party people will at times place too much confidence upon politics to change things. In a way, it is a mirror to how the liberals have an over dependence on government competence take care of people. Now granted, Tea Party activists are arguing for a limited government and personal liberty and responsibility, and those are values I for one can stand behind and support, yet it is assumed, often naively, that voting in the right set of people will some how satiate their longings for a conservative society. Believe me, I had glowing expectations of the wonderful change "Ah nold" would bring to California which never once materialized.

So if I had an opportunity to evangelize which group would I pick? That's hard to say. Each group has their own set of issues, but both groups are equally sinners in need of a savior. Each would certainly be approached differently as to how I would start, but I personally think I would get a more irritated reaction from the Tea Party folks because the bulk of them come from "churchianity" backgrounds, and many of these patriot and liberty lovers do not believe they need to be saved. Only being told they are lost in spite of their "all American" values and they need Christ can stir up a stink.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say, 'Evangelize them all and let the Holy Spirit sort it out!'

7:38 PM, April 21, 2010  

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