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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anthropo-stupid Global Warming

On the heels of my latest post reviling the out right fraud that is the "science" of man-made climate change is an interesting radio interview I heard yesterday afternoon (2/16/10) on one of the local talk radio stations.

It concerns meteorologist, Anthony Watts, who maintains the website, Watts Up With That? Contrary to the speculative, beard stroking voodoo "science" those chaps at the University of East Anglia have been engaged in for the last 20 years, Mr. Watts began to gather physical evidence to determine the accuracy of those little weather stations that sit at various locations around the world.

Seeing that a lot of the information environmental beard strokers need in order to draw up their hockey stick diagrams and wring hands over polar bear populations is determined by the data gathered by these little weather stations, it's kinda important to establish how reliable their instruments are with collecting that data.

What Mr. Watts discovered, with the help of a lot of other similar weather geeks around the country, is that those stations do not meet the so-called governmental standards of calibration in order to provide the most precise data. In fact, out of the hundreds of them, maybe 10 percent met those standards. All the others are giving inaccurate weather information due to artificial causes like where they are sitting in relation to heat sources or microwave towers.

For example, one of those little stations in Tuscon, AZ, was found to be sitting on top of a big slab of black asphalt. Does anyone question whether the instruments would be precise sitting on a slab of asphalt in Tuscon, AZ? A few years ago I was given a little digital thermometer. I nailed the sensor to the side of our house and it began beaming the temperature from outside into a little digital read-out sitting on my book shelf. The first day I had it working it was reading 117 degrees for the outside temp. It was certainly a warm day, maybe 91 or so, but 117? Then I realized I had the sensor sitting in the direct, mid-morning sunlight. Once I moved it to a permanent location in the shade, it faithfully recorded the right temperature to maybe being a degree off one way or the other.

Thus, just like my sensor, where a weather station is located will have an impact on the precision of its instruments. Take a look at the picture up above. One of the key weather stations at the Rome airport in Italy sits at the end of the runway in the direct path of the jet engine exhaust. I have never stood directly behind the engines of a 747 as it builds up power for take off, but I can make a fair guess that it would have an impact upon the reliability of weather data collected at a station sitting in the direct path.

Now, why all of this is relevant is quite simple: State and local governments are passing "green" legislation that will severely impact our everyday way of living and the environmental bureaucrats are eagerly going to enforce those laws upon individuals and businesses. But those laws are passed due largely impart by a misinformed hysteria promoted by a small cadre of cranks masquerading as "scientists" who weren't reading the information correctly to begin with because the sensors were more than likely reporting inaccurate information!

Those interested in listening to Anthony Watts' interview can do so HERE. You'll have to listen to some California related banter, but the interview is informative. Scroll down until you find the 5PM hour for Feb. 16th.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love the surface stations that have the exaust from air-conditioning units blowing on them.

7:54 AM, February 18, 2010  
Blogger Highland Host said...

There's a great story from Canada about one of these monitoring units, this one dealing with rainfall. The Canadian government meterological unit gets regular reports from stations, and one of these stations, consistently had much lower precipitation than all the others in the area. Always. The recording stations are supposed to be sited scientifically, and record accurate data. Well, people became interested, they took the data and began to build models on it, suggest theories about the landscape, magnetic fields, and so on, all to explain why this area of Canada had much lower rainfall.

Finally a team from the meterological department decided to visit the station, and they found the answer. In rural areas which commonly experience heavy snowfall, houses often have eaves with a serious overhang, so snow falls from the roof away from the walls. The man monitoring the station and taking the daily readings (this was before automations) had got fed up walking through all the heavy snow (!) to the station, so moved it next to his front door, under the eaves of his house! Climate scientists nil, weather monitoring FAIL.

1:44 AM, February 19, 2010  

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