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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat says What?

In his on going campaign to make Christianity appear foolish to the world, Pat Robertson said on his 700 Club program that the reason for Haiti's earthquake was because of all their voodooing, witch doctoring, and pact making with Johnny "Captain Jack Sparrow" Depp, who is also known as the devil.

If you watch the video, you can see on that poor gal's face standing next to him that as soon as Pat says "...and people may not want to talk about it..." she's thinking to herself as she nods approvingly, "Oh no, here it comes."

Look it: Unless the Lord specific reveals His purposes with catastrophes of this magnitude, a person risks sinning against the Lord by speculating as to why and why not God did such and such. Certainly God is in the midst of this calamity -- He is sovereign over all calamity man-made and natural, but we as finite humanity over step our bounds when we begin to say why God did what He did when He hasn't revealed His reasons.

That is why Christ's words in Luke 13 are so relevant in times like these. Do we really think we are any less sinners than those people in Haiti? God is going to judge their voodoo and their Roman Catholic pagan practices, yet allow us, a society who spit in God's face everyday by rejecting His law, to go unpunished? Unless we too repent, we shall likewise perish.

Thousands of more people will die today. Not in Haiti, but in all places around the world. Little towns, big cities, in hospitals, on the highways, even in their own homes. It will be all sorts of people, too: Old ladies, young girls, middle aged fathers, little babies. They won't die from an earthquake, but they will die none the less. Sinners die because we are identified with Adam, the first man who plunged humanity into sin and placed us all under God's wrath and the wages of our sin is death. Yet God is gracious in that He provided a means of salvation through the substitutional death of His son on the cross, who rose again to life the third day to demonstrate that He had accomplished all that was necessary to make men right with God so that they may have eternal life.

That is a message we have clearly revealed to us.

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Blogger Highland Host said...

And let's not forget the sins of the evangelical Church! Take a look at the UK, and you might well think that the visible Church has inherited Israel's curse as well as the blessings!

11:41 AM, January 14, 2010  
Blogger donsands said...

And the Dominican Republic is bless by God, with resorts.

I think there is much poverty in DR. And much ungodliness.

Pat talks, and the church gets another bloody nose, or black eye.

And he may even be wrong about the history of the "making a pack" thing. I don't know for sure, but JT has a link to an article that says different.

3:29 PM, January 14, 2010  
Blogger bugblaster said...

A despicable kook.

5:56 AM, January 15, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I watched the video clip of Pat Robertson saying this, you can see the look of "I can't believe he just said that" in his co-host's eyes.

8:21 AM, January 15, 2010  
Blogger Highland Host said...

Pat Robertson needs to be dosed with helium gas at times like this. It's the only way he could be made to sound even sillier.

8:44 AM, January 15, 2010  

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