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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Liberals Blinkered

Via Michelle Malkin comes this highly entertaining video that is still causing me chuckle quakes as I write this. It's a discussion between CNN's Christiane "I hate Evangelical Fundamentalists" Amanpour, a British guy who's image is on a big flat panel monitor propped up on an empty chair in front of the host's desk (what's that about?), and Marc Thiessen, a former Bush staffer guy who just released a book called Courting Disaster that argues against the Obama administration changing how they deal with interrogating terrorists.

The video starts a bit slow, so stick with it; because about the 5 minute mark in the first one, when Amanpour and the British guy claim water boarding is torture akin to the stuff the Khmer Rouge did to their enemies, Thiessen flat out calls Amanpour a liar. Her flabbergasted "excuse me" response is outstanding and is worth watching the interview.

Oh, but there is more...

The next best line is when the British guy adamantly proclaims all water boarding is torture, and Thiessen, with a grin on his face, asks the guy something like, "Well, if water boarding is torture, then why does the U.S. military do it to the special forces trainees? If it was legitimate torture, at least one of the tens of thousands who have gone through special forces training over the last decade would had complained to their congressman and it would had been shut down. Are you saying the U.S. military tortures their soldiers?"

The deer in the head light stare on the face of the British lib is absolutely precious.

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