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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Appearance Failure

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Blogger Marteenie said...

Is the guy in the picture in the ad to the right supposed to be used as a comparative study? The title should be "Jesus image appears in banana peel and website advertisement."

1:14 PM, January 06, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The image in the banana peel looks more like Charlie Manson to me. ;)

9:36 PM, January 06, 2010  
Blogger Highland Host said...

In other words, image of a bearded man = image of Jesus. It actually looks a lot more like a Victorian pastor I once saw in a vestry of a chepel in Suffolk.

7:20 AM, January 07, 2010  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Yes, and every image of what appears to be a woman wearing a hood is Mary. Unless of course the Muslims start seeing one of Mohomet's wives in a veil.

7:45 AM, January 07, 2010  

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