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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


An interesting thing is going to happen in the next week, the Lord willing, on Monday, November 16th.

The space shuttle Atlantis will be going into orbit to meet up with the International Space Station. STS-129.

That is not necessarily interesting in and of itself. The cool thing is that there will be two Grace To You listeners on board at the exact same time. We know about Jeff Williams from Phil Johnson's posts. However, astronaut Barry Wilmore, who will be piloting the space shuttle, will also be on board with Jeff.

Both guys are committed Christians who love the ministry of my pastor and they will be together for a brief period of time on the ISS.

There is a "behind-the-scenes" video about the upcoming STS-129 mission. After the brief introduction, Barry Wilmore gives a run down as to what will be going on.

I am sure Phil will have more later at his place.

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