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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lights, Camera, Abortion!

A Rant

A hometown "progressive" blogger I frequent links to a news story about a controversial play being put on by our local community college. The play is entitled Keely and Du and it is suppose to thoughtfully raise important conversations surrounding abortion with even fair mindedness.

How exactly do these folks from the alternate dimension of absurdity we call "the performing arts" do this? What's the play all about? Well, imagine a story about a group of radical pro-lifers who kidnap an up-and-coming working gal who got pregnant when she was raped and they put her in a locked room and force her to carry her unwanted baby to birth.


Not even seeing the play, I'll bet a Costco ice cream bar dipped in chocolate the pro-life kidnappers speak with a hick, southern drawl when they quote Bible verses and use lots of "thees" and "thous."

And this moronic play is suppose to be a "controversial" drama on the subject of abortion? Really? Crazy pro-life kidnappers? Oh yes. Crazy pro-lifers are all the time kidnapping young, pregnant career women. What amazes me is how people sincerely think this farcical fairy tale represents genuine discussion on the subject of abortion.

What is it about leftist playwrights and film makers painting their ideological opponents in cartoonish motifs that don't exist? That have never existed. Its radical fundamentalist baptists blowing up schools, or killing astronomers (I am thinking of Sagan's Contact), or burning witches, or creating futuristic societies where abortions are outlawed and blue laws are everyday instead of just Sunday. It's not only ridiculous, but it's becoming an embarrassment.

Even more sad is when they present this hokum to the public, folks will stroke their chins, stare off into the distance, and attempt to ponder the depth of what they just witnessed. I'm surprised the story hasn't been adapted to an "After School Special" complete with teaching guides to lead group discussion.

Will any in their pro-abortion group ever stand up and say this kind of stuff is stupid?

Imagine, however, a play set in the near future, in which federal bureaucrats have succumbed to the propaganda of radical environmentalists who say the world cannot sustain a bulging population and they enact a one child only policy to save the earth. Planned Parenthood supporters are recruited to be neighborhood snitches and kidnappers who take pregnant, stay-at-home wives and force them to have abortions so that they will comply with the policy. One brave woman resists, and with the help of her family, brings forth a second child at the risk of great harm. I be that drama would be controversial.

The frightening thing: That really is a scenario that has come to pass in some countries and could possible come to pass here.

By the way, LaShawn Barber notes a story about a Planned Parenthood eugenicist abortion director who saw an ultra sound of an abortion and has quit the business out of human decency. I guess when you see the horror of child murder up close and personal it stirs up the image of God in man.

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Blogger Hayden said...

I'm so glad we don't live in California anymore. Oh wait, Gainesville just recently voted to allow people to use whatever restroom they like based on their perceived gender. (This is because there are 30 transsexuals in a city of about 250,000)

Oh, the world is going mad!!!!

7:43 AM, November 05, 2009  
Blogger Siarlys Jenkins said...

I haven't seen the play either, so I reserve the possibility it may be very different than what is described. But, what is described here sounds awfully silly. The point of any drama on such a sensitive and controversial issue should be to make people think, no matter how committed they are to one view or another, and that requires getting everyone's attention, not turning people off from the first scene.

A really well done play would keep the audience on pins and needles until the last three minutes as to whether the young lady has an abortion or carries the pregnancy to term. Meanwhile, she would change her mind several times, hear all kinds of advice, have all kinds of experiences which push her one way or the other, and highlight what a truly difficult decision this is and should be.

As to the woman who quit her job at Planned Parenthood, I read a big influence was that she was instructed to really push abortions, because times are hard economically and its a bigger revenue generator than birth control or counselling. Now that's obscene.

6:06 PM, November 06, 2009  

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