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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bob Sled

Musing from An Evolutionist

Bob the evolutionary apologist and Jesus hating atheist has challenged us ignoramus Christians in a series of never ending comments from a few weeks ago.

Bob is like a gift that keeps on giving for us bloggers...

The facts I listed are based on something called EVIDENCE. Can you say that word? Why don't you give it a try. Evidence, evidence, evidence. Please practice saying and understanding that important word.
As I mentioned in my very first post to Bob, evidence has to be interpreted. Can Bob say that word? Why doesn't he give it a try: interpreted, interpreted, interpreted. Bob is like all atheists -- really, all non-thinking people in society -- who believes evidence is self-defined and raw. In other words, because chimps have hair, eyes, a mouth, and fingers like people, why the two must be related in some way. Of course it's not that simplistic, but the idea is that the evidence for evolution is so plainly clear that one only denies it if he has been brainwashed by god-fairy non-sense as Bob calls it.

That, and he hasn't read the right books.
ERVs also known as Endogenous RetroViruses...

How does a creationist explain those ERVs found in the exact same place in two different species?...

The Disco retards say ERVs are functional, and therefore they are not evidence for evolution. It does not matter if ERVs are functional or not.

What matters is a ERV, which is inserted into the DNA of an individual animal long after that species first appears, and is inherited and can eventually spread throughout an entire species, and it becomes a DNA marker that identifies that species. What is interesting is many of the ERVs found in human DNA also appear in the exact same location in chimps. How is that possible? Well, since molecular biologists know ERVs are inherited, the only possible explanation is those ERVs were inherited from the same ancestor, the common ancestor of the two ape species, chimpanzee apes and human apes.

Here is a great example of the importance of interpreting evidence. ERVs, for the uninitiated, are considered to by evolutionary dogmatists to be inherited retroviruses that had infected a host and then integrates in the germ cell where it is then passed along in the following generations. As another atheist puts it: left over bits and pieces of retorviruses that have infected sperm and egg cells millions of years ago. They are considered to be part of the so-called "junk DNA" that supposedly comprises a good portion of our DNA. And, contrary to the confident claims of Bob, scientists are still at a place where they are baffled by the effects of ERVs and their purposes in the human genome.

Because, as Bob so aptly points out, some ERVs found in human DNA appear in the exact location in chimps, it is concluded this is proof of common descent. Evolutionists also attribute creative abilities to ERVs, such as our genome stealing from ERVs the ability to make a placenta for birth in mammals.

However, what seems to be conveniently ignored by Bob, as well as many evolutionists who hold up ERVs and other similar pieces of junk DNA as proof of common descent is the very thing Bob mocks the Discovery Institute articles of noting: That being, the more and more molecular biologists dig into the genome and our DNA, the more they are discovering these ERVs have a function. That means they aren't junk DNA left over from our past. Additionally, that would mean they aren't inherited, because functionality would invalidate the random insertion claim made by evolutionists. How could something be said to be "inherited" if it needed to play functional part of a complex biological system in order for it to even survive?

As a small minded, god fairy believing creationist, I would expect animals who share similar biological structures to have similar DNA patterns, if you will. Rather than demonstrating a common ancestor, I believe it demonstrates a common creator who has built into His creation the ability to survive and adapt in a large, diverse, and shared biosphere. And don't get me started on asking Bob where the genetic information for a ERV to function in a germ cell originated. Another sniggling "science of the gaps" detail Bob refuses to explain.

Bob, of course, rejects my interpretation out of hand, because he hates his Creator to begin with. Yet the more his glorious priest class of scientists unlock the mysteries of life, the more their secular fundamentalism runs afoul of reality, and the more those "Discotards," as Bob calls them, are vindicated.

Maybe Bob can see if he can invoke the first amendment to enforce the separation of church and technology?

*A little more about ERVs HERE

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