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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bob and Weave

Musings from An Evolutionist

Bob the evolutionist stopped by here a couple of weeks ago to regale us with his genius. We are truly blessed to have such a compassionate person of towering intellect to lower himself to unshackle us dimwitted creationists from the stupidity that has ensnared our minds.

The fact is chimpanzee apes, who developed from the same ancient ape ancestors we developed from, have many similarities to the modern human ape species, including both our good and bad qualities. That's just plain fact. You should read about Jane Goodall for more information.

Bob makes grand, sweeping claims regarding the explanatory power of evolution. He does this without providing any genuine evidence. He merely cites favored authorities, pronounces them correct, and declares me an idiot because I have never performed open heart surgery.

Bob, like many atheists I have encountered, is a master of the non-sequitur.

Yet, like most atheists I have encountered, Bob also suffers miserably from a self-inflicted myopia to the consequences of his own philosophical perspective. I had specifically pointed out the problem of why evolutionary atheists are grieved when a loved one, say a young wife and mother of four children, dies of cancer. Here we have a prime example of natural selection taking its cruel course -- of evolution in action -- weeding out the weaker members of a species. So why do humans, even atheists, grieve this loss? More to the point, why do atheists get angry with God when such things happen?

Bob suggested it was because we are biologically related to chimpanzees. Chimps show emotion when one within their group dies. Just like chimps, we humans are merely expressing a shared, biological response when one of our group dies. But, as I noted, and as a commenter confirmed, chimps eat their young, cannibalize their dead rivals, and gang rape females. However, we humans are repulsed viscerally by those behaviors among humans and critically judge any one who engages in such behaviors to the point of inflicting the death penalty. Why with chimps does such behavior make for a gruesome BBC documentary, yet with humanity we have law courts, build prisons, and put a man in the electric chair for such behavior?

This is the disconnect Bob keeps bobbing and weaving around. As much as he confidently argues the "evidence" shows chimps and humans to be related, there is a rather large bat smacking such a notion in the head: That hard why question. Bob, the secular bigot, has yet to give a meaningful account for this problem.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let Me Google That For You is great for passive-agressive responses.

Every Atheist I know seems to be angry at the God they say dosen't exist.

9:39 AM, November 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An interesting related story from the Times Online: Charles Darwin and the children of the evolution.

11:16 AM, November 12, 2009  
Blogger donsands said...

"..and put a man in the electric chair for such behavior?"

Well, not really, any more that is.

I watched "The Green Mile" the other night, and the electric chair seemed to be a good way to put a murderer to death for justice. Not like they did with the "DC Sniper" on Monday night @ 9:11, (kind of ironic a murderer who esteemed Osama Bin Laden, and approved of 9-11 should die at 9:11)where they simply put him to sleep, more or less, when they lethally inject him.

Excellent post BTW.

5:06 PM, November 12, 2009  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Hey Escovado,
Email me at the address on my profile if you would. I have a question.

6:04 PM, November 13, 2009  
Blogger Siarlys Jenkins said...

The notion that every characteristic of the human person must be explainable by evolutionary advantage is a classic example of circular reasoning. Premise: all human characteristics are a product of random selection. Data: Fill in the blank with any characteristic one wishes to discuss or analyze. Conclusion: Therefore, this must be the result of some evolutionary advantage within a random selection process.

That is why the science vs. God debate is so sterile. IF there is anything metaphysical, spiritual, non material, then, and only then, what is subject to scientific investigation would be a mere subset of all there is, seen and unseen. There is, of course, no scientific way to prove the metaphysical. Most of us take that on faith or revelation, including those who have faith that there has never been any revelation.

Francis Collins has rightly warned against resting our faith on a "God of the gaps," since SOME gaps in human knowledge will someday be filled. We don't know which ones. I do wonder whether speculation about "dark matter" and "dark energy" is simply a fudge factor in the equations for whatever God is doing that we don't have a material explanation for. But then again, we may find there IS dark matter in the universe.

For those seeking common ground, since otherwise all we can do is yell at each other, Stephen Jay Gould's The Mismeasure of Man is a solid argument on the limits of mechanistic evolutionary explanations for everything about humans. He is a rather modest atheist, who isn't interested in demanding that the rest of us abandon our faith, he just didn't share it. There is of course a possibility that he knows better, having departed this earth. I expect God will consider the look on his face when he realizes the truth to be sufficient punishment.

6:06 PM, November 13, 2009  

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