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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pastor Marc's Mail Box

to: Jon Marc Grizzard
from: Kingsaint
subject: The evil's of calvinism

Dear Pastor Marc,

First I wish to say a hearty amen for standing up for God's ways and not buckling to the pressure of the world. It takes a strong man to be able to be likened unto a Nazi because you want to burn heretical books. Most Christians would probably compromise with the world if they were to be called names for what they believed is true. So I thank you for standing true.

Just one note, however. I did notice in the sidebar of your wonderful website that you have sermons from Jonathan Edwards, John Bunyan, David Brainerd, and Charles Spurgeon. You may not know this -- lots of Christians don't know this about these men -- but it may surprise you that they were CALVINISTS! Maybe you are unaware of what a horrible doctrine calvinism is.

Calvinism was made up by a false teacher by the name of John Calvin. He lived back in the 1500s. He made up five doctrines that he reads into the Bible. He denied the biblical doctrine of free will and taught the false doctrine of predestination that makes all men into robots and said that Jesus didn't die for anyone. His five doctrines have split more churches than any other heresy.

He lived in the city of Geneva Switzerland and turned it into a concentration camp that forced all the people to believe his 5 point doctrines, and if they didn't submit, he would torture them to death in various, cruel ways. He burned Baptist preachers at the stake in front of their families all the time. In fact, when Mao was looking to take over China, he went to Geneva first to read Calvin's original letters so as to know how to terrorize people so as to keep them in line.

Pastor, there are many fine KJV-only websites that expose this satanic five-point pentagram. Cooper Abrams has some great stuff, as does David Cloud and D.A. Waite. Laurence Vance wrote a powerful book refuting calvinism, in fact, read this letter from a saint rescued from calvinism after reading his book The Other Side of Calvinism.

I do hope you consider my words, because I would hate for people to get the wrong impression about your beliefs when they see prominent false calvin teachers like Charles Spurgeon and John Bunyan named on your site and wrongful separate from you.

In his grip,

Thomas Shedd

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Blogger Fred Butler said...

Just a note: All of these arguments against Calvinism I have either read or heard from KJV-only apologists.

6:25 AM, October 22, 2009  
Blogger bugblaster said...

You are still a creep. I saw no calvinist heresy in the Spurgeon sermons posted at Pastor Marc's IFKJVB Church website.

9:13 AM, October 22, 2009  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Secondary separation applies. As long as Spurgeon preached somewhere favorably about the calvin heresy, well then he is a calvinist, and the one who links his sermons, regardless if they mention the calvin heresy, is a compromiser with his heresy.

9:57 AM, October 22, 2009  
Blogger Mike Felker said...

Fred, i'm disappointed. You forgot Calvin's worse heresy all; he baptized babies.

11:29 AM, October 22, 2009  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

Yeah, and that, too. Jonathan Edwards was a congregationalist baby dipper heretic.

11:32 AM, October 22, 2009  
Blogger donsands said...

"If sin caused us to fall, then GOD by allowing the fall, is the author of sin. (Calvinism has you think this!). This is what most predestinarians believe."

I beg to differ Mark.

I think the the truth that gets under the fingernails of non-reformed Christians the most is that they love to say Jesus died for every sinner. To say He died for those whom he chose, because He set his love on them, is like bamboo shoots under the fingernails.
Numero dos would be we have the free will to choose the Gospel on neutral ground, where there is absolutely no good work at all. The gospel is presented, and then we either accept it, or reject it.

God votes for us, the devil votes against us, and we decide with our ballot. I think Dwight Moody coined that phrase.

That was an excellent letter BTW.

4:19 PM, October 22, 2009  
Blogger The Puritan said...

Associating the KJV with anti-Calvinism is as intellectually rigorous as associating pre-millennialism with Calvinism. Oh, I forgot, you do that as well.

2:22 AM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger bugblaster said...

Puritan, the theme is IFB. The theme has more than one topic.

KJVonly was the topic earlier this week. KJVonly is associated with IFB. But KJVonly is not the topic of this post.

The topic of this post is the incongruity of capricious separation from some calvin heretics and baby dipping heretics, but not from others. Separation by whimsy is associated with IFB.

This post is also about the disingenuity of pretending that Mr. Spurgeon was not a calvin heretic, and the unseemliness of pretending that Mr. Edwards was not a baby dipping heretic. Cherry picking the good stuff from heretic writings and pretending the bad stuff never existed is associated with IFB.

6:54 AM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

You have the ability of getting down to brass tacks. Thanks bro.

7:01 AM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger Highland Host said...

'The Puritan' is a one-trick pony, and he gets really offensive if you annoy him as well.

Plus Gail Riplinger is an anti-Calvinist who has called Five Point Calvinism "one of the most unbiblical of heresies." The two do not always go together, but are often associated.

8:01 AM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger The Puritan said...

Wow, OK, I'll make a relevant connection too: liberal theologians prefer the modern versions pretty much...100%. Draw your own conclusions.

10:20 AM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

liberal theologians prefer the modern versions pretty much...100%. Draw your own conclusions.

So do Mormon, Oneness Pentecostal, and SDA theologians as well.

10:27 AM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger The Puritan said...

Mormons use the AV because their 'prophet' used it to construct (that word again) their 'holy' books. I.e. they have to use it. Otherwise Mormons would be more than happy to use the modern silly puddy garbage versions, like the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Roman Beast church of course uses the corrupt manuscripts in their versions. No surprise.

You don't win any of these arguments. You are over and over coming up against the point where you refuse to have your pride broken.

6:25 PM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

And the SDAs and Oneness Pentecostals fit into your response how exactly?

7:02 PM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger donsands said...

"You are over and over coming up against the point where you refuse to have your pride broken."

If that ain't the kettle calling the pot black.

7:16 PM, October 23, 2009  
Blogger Highland Host said...

Please note that the term 'modern versions' covers a multitude of translations (not to mention sins in some cases, such as the Mess(age), the Living Bible (paraphrased), the TNIV, the NEB, and the NRSV, and some King James Only types extend that to include Good as New ("a Radical retelling of the Scriptures"), which takes upon itself to revise the canon.

This being the case, it is necessary to ask "WHICH modern versions?" It is also notorious that false teachers will pick and choose (like Rick Warren) whatever rendering of a text suits what they want to say.

This includes the AV, with passages torn out of context, and archaic English misrepresented. Oneness advocates take Colossians 2.9 "In whom dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily," read into 'Godhead' the idea of the Trinity, and then say this proves that there is only one person who is God. Which it doesn't when you realise that in the 17th century (and up to the 19th), 'Godhead' meant just 'deity', and thus the Puritans wrote that John 1 shows the "godhead of Christ."

5:20 AM, October 24, 2009  

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