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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have been contemplating updating my sidebar links for a while now and finally got started yesterday. The main difference - as if anyone even noticed - is that I have combined two categories into one.

I have my blogging links broken into categories and the two I personally utilized every day was "blogs I hit daily" and "blogs I track." The first group of links were blogs I pretty much hit every day, maybe more than twice depending on a comment thread I was following. The second group were those blogs I hit either daily or every other day or so. I always started the first 10 minutes of my day dropping by the blogs in those two categories to get caught up on any thing happening in the world.

For the last several months I began to think I needed to combine them all in one group because I was watching the "blogs I track" just as much as the "blogs I hit daily." So I spent yesterday afternoon combining the two groups and arranging the links alphabetically.

Regrettably, there were some blogs I deleted, simply because I haven't been by them in months. Either it wasn't updated regularly, or the subject matter was uninteresting to me, or the blog was basically abandoned. If your link got deleted, I apologize. I mean no offense. I am sure you are an awesome person and I would love to eat a Costco ice cream bar dipped in chocolate with you someday, but I only mean to maximize my sidebar efficiency. You can email me if you wish to complain bitterly.

On the flip side, I did add some blogs and I may have some more to add later when I have a moment. I will note that I have marked a few of the blogs with an asterisk *. Those are blogs where I frequently participate in the comments by adding my pithy witticisms. Most are Christian oriented. There is one that is secular with a liberal moderator and covers local issues where I live.

Also, any one who knows how to put in highlight, background color for my sidebar category titles, I would appreciate contacting me at my email linked in my profile page. I have been all over the "blogger" help page, and all I have found is how to change the background color to the entire sidebar, which is not what I am looking for. Any ideas, send them my way. By the way, before anyone suggests it, switching to Wordpress is not an option at this time.

One personal note. There have been a rash of "confessional" style blog posts in recent months where the blogger opines about whether blogging is a good use of a Christian's time, or whether it is a gateway for ungodly attitudes, or the blogger announcing he or she is quitting and then proceeds to list out 10 reasons why blogging is/was detrimental to the person's spirituality. To each their own, I guess.

I will say that blogging the last four years has been a tremendous faith building blessing for me. I can recall one of my seminary profs exhorting us students to be writing pastors after we graduate. He encouraged us to write on theology, publish theological news letters for our churches, and to write out our sermon manuscripts. I was moved by his challenge. Think about it, pretty much all of the good theology I have read are transcripts of sermons edited for book form. Pastors should know how to write, because it trains you to think coherently and communicate better.

That is exactly what I have encountered as I have been blogging. My mind has been sharpened, my faith strengthened, my knowledge of the word increased, my ability to write improved. Engaging critics and dissenters in the comments have caused me to think through the arguments of my convictions, as well as testify to others silently watching the interchange how one should defend the faith with grace and tenacity. Certainly I have had an attitude at times (sometimes warranted, other times not), but I have returned to the discussion with a renewed commitment to pursue gracious respect to the person I disagree for the sake of Christ.

So rather than viewing blogging as a drain on my spiritual health, I have found it to be just the opposite. In fact, I see no sign of slowing down any time soon. The only thing I lack is time. I wish I had the ability to write out 800 word posts every day like that Challies fellow, but such is not the case.

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Blogger Kim said...

I made the cut... thanks, Fred.

I would have to say that blogging has been a faith building thing for me too, if only because I have found out that there really are other women who are weird as I am.

12:40 PM, September 30, 2009  
Blogger Fred Butler said...

I can certainly add to the blessing I have received blogging people I have met on the internet who would otherwise never have met, and you and your husband are a prime example of that. I wish we could live closer so as to visit more in person.

Besides, Neil amuses me.

1:09 PM, September 30, 2009  
Blogger Steve Lamm said...


Keep blogging. I check your blog a few times a week to see what's new and some of your articles have been very helpful to me in pastoring my church.

Thanks for your diligence and your dedication to understanding Scripture.


8:02 AM, October 01, 2009  
Blogger David Kjos said...

I thought your little cartoon was about me, but I see I survived the cut ...

Your blog is definitely no waste of time. I am educated, edified, and entertained with each post. Keep it up.

9:50 AM, October 01, 2009  
Blogger donsands said...

You have an excellent blog. Blog on bloggin' on.

Did you see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjTOkV7r_-o&feature=player_embedded

(You have a lot of wisdom from above about these sort of false truths, so I thought you wouldn't mind me dropping it here.)

7:29 PM, October 01, 2009  
Blogger bugblaster said...

Besides, Neil amuses me.

Clearly I survived the cut because that cartoon is about me.

7:36 PM, October 01, 2009  
Blogger Lynda O said...

Keep blogging, I'm enjoying and learning from your posts.

5:41 AM, October 02, 2009  

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