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Monday, August 31, 2009

When in Europe...

The zeitgeist among American political elitists to emulate European models of government has far reaching consequences the average person never considers.

Sweden Outlaws Home Schooling

The country of Sweden now only allows home schooling to those family situations involving a medical exemption or foreign workers with the appropriate visas. This follows after Germany's example, who also have banned homeschooling and have made it illegal for parents to educate their own children. One of our missionary families to Germany had to leave because the government insisted they place their youngest child in their state school system.

Education officials in both the state and federal government in the United States are increasingly becoming hostile to the concept of homeschooling. There is perhaps a variety of reasons for this, but primarily the homeschooling philosophy cuts against the secular mindset of a state controlled educational system. It is only a matter of time before the same thing happens here in the U.S. as it has in Germany and Sweden, though a tougher battle will be fought to stop it than what was in those two countries.

I personally believe one of the talking points that will be used to argue against homeschooling will be the science curriculum. Where as the majority of home schooling is religious based teaching origins science from the perspective of creation and intelligent design, Darwinian proponents will attempt to argue such teaching is abusive and destructive for the child because it isn't teaching "reality." The "religious" angle to education is rigid and limited and doesn't "expose" a child to different ways of thinking, so only for the good of a child's education will they be removed from parents or parents prevented from homeschooling.

This is already taking place in more liberal, nanny style states. See here for example:

Homeschooled Girl Ordered to Attend Public School Over Her "Rigid Faith."

Granted, this case involves a heated custody dispute between a disgruntled father and the girl's mother, and the court ruling will more than likely be overturned, but many similar possible scenarios exist which could strip parents of their educational rights simply because a specialized counselor tells a court the children are being harmed by a rigid conviction of faith.

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