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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Day of 285 Atheists

Back during my first official year of blogging, I posted some remarks about a news item concerning how museums across the land were being swarmed by groups of fundamentalist Christians who dared to challenge the evolutionary presuppositions presented by volunteer tour guides. Museum staff were becoming particularly alarmed, because their docents (fancy name for a smarter-than-your-average volunteer) were being embarrassed by the thoughtful, to the point questions offered them by these Christians.

Dr. Warren Allmon, curator of the Museum of the Earth in New York state, put together a brief guide (see my review HERE) in order to properly arm docents against the onslaught of creationists who dare come to museums and re-interpret the exhibits according to a biblical worldview.

Now, with that in mind, fast forward to just last week, when 285 atheists from the Secular Student Alliance made a trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

The staff at the museum was prepared for them to arrive because there were a few people involved with making the arrangements to get tickets for a group rate. Additionally, a few weeks leading up to the "atheist day," web chatter on various atheist websites affiliated with this group boasted of going to the museum to "set them straight" and "giving them what for" to put it mildly. You will note if you take the time to read through the report that many in the group were disruptive, obnoxious, and loud talking and they think that because security told them to get quiet and mind their manners this was indication the creationists couldn't withstand their scrutiny and they won some intellectual battle against creationism.

Think about it: Imagine a group of 285 fundamentalist Christians going to the Field museum in Chicago. Many of them are wearing "Darwin Sucks" tee-shirts, and others have digital cameras for the purposes of attempting to make "ambush" style videos with the museum staff so they can post them on You Tube. Throughout the day, groups of them obnoxiously mock books and other items in the gift store, along with various exhibits on the museum floor. Does anyone seriously think the staff at the Field museum would tolerate such behavior? I would want them removed, and I probably largely agree with their views of origins.

One interesting side note. Many of the atheists attended Jason Lisle's lecture on the "Ultimate Proof of Creation," which is the title of a new book he wrote. The main purpose of the book is to introduce Christians to presuppositional apologetics and evangelism. In fact, I would argue that the creation/evolution debate is one of the most illustrative of the effective use of presuppositionalism. Lisle stated in his summary of the day that he suspected a good portion of them had never heard this type of apologetic presentation before. That's usually the case from my experience as well. So who knows, maybe some of them left challenged as to the irrationality of their worldview.



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