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Monday, June 29, 2009

MSM Sour Grapes

The LA Times is infuriated a celebrity gossip website, TMZ, was able to scoop them on announcing Michael Jackson's death first. So, rather than doing a much needed relevance test as to their journalistic integrity, the LA Times ponders, "But what if TMZ had been wrong?"

Well they didn't get it wrong now did they, you bunch of liberal whiners. Just another indication the MSM journalism is dying a slow, miserable death.

By the way, the comments are outstanding. Make sure you read those after you read the story.

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Blogger Jay said...

Because when something that you have deemed lesser than you is productive and shows you to be incompetent, the problem obviously can't be with you. You must continue to deny that the things that actually work are actually working, no matter how ridiculous it makes you look.

Such is the liberal's mantra.

9:50 PM, June 29, 2009  

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