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Friday, May 08, 2009

MacArthur on ID and Creationism

One final thought on the difference between intelligent design argumentation and biblical creationism. This time from my pastor who taught on creation back during the fall of last year.

This section is taken from his message The Theology of Creation available on-line here.

There are honest non-Christians who recognize the impossibility and non-existence of evolution in the world today and have honestly said that evolution is not an explanation of present reality and therefore it can’t be an explanation of prior reality. It isn’t happening now. It doesn’t happen, therefore it hasn’t happened. I’m glad for that. I’m glad for that kind of honesty in the scientific world. But while they are admitting that, they are not embracing the account in Genesis because if you embrace the account in Genesis as true, then you embrace the Bible as true and the God of the Bible as the true and living God and you get not only a Creator but you get a lawgiver and a judge. And so, they would love to find another alternative except the Creator God of Scripture. So you have the development of this new kind of science called ID, Intelligent Design, in which people acknowledge that there is behind this great reality of the universe a mind that is intelligent from which it all springs, but they are unwilling to acknowledge that to be the God of the Bible and Genesis to be the accurate account of creation.

So they come up with this non-threatening middle ground safe halfway zone called I.D., Intelligent Design. By the way, far from safe; it's deadly dangerous to reject the God of Scripture as Creator and therefore as Judge and as Redeemer.

Why do they do this? Well let me quote from my book. You know you’re in trouble when you start doing that. I wrote a book called Battle for the Beginning. “Evolution was invented in order to eliminate the God of Genesis and oust the lawgiver and obliterate the inviolability of His moral law. Evolution is the latest means fallen sinners have devised to suppress our innate knowledge of God and the biblical testimony to Him and that we are accountable to Him.”

So even if you reject evolution, there’s not a mad rush to embrace the God of Scripture because that brings to bear upon the sinner way too much responsibility and accountability. Evolution is not happening, it has never happened nor is it observable in the world in which we live and there is no reason to assume that something that doesn’t happen and never has happened was the way in which everything was created, particularly since no one was there and since the one who was there and who did it all has given us a complete revelation of exactly how He did it.

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