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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phil Answers His Critics

Last Friday I had a good day of fellowship attending our annual Shepherd's Conference. I had the opportunity to catch up with some friends I see only once a year or so. Plus, I truly enjoy browsing the book publishing tables.

But, I did purpose to hear Phil Johnson speak at Friday's main session. We had known for sometime he was going to address the need for holiness with a pastor's speech in the pulpit. Specifically we knew he was going to address Mark Driscoll and other ministers around the country who have been brazen enough to speak on sexual matters with explicit language and inappropriate illustrations from their pulpits.

Phil used Titus 2:6-8 as his text and spoke with passionate conviction on the need for pastors to speak with words fitting their calling as God's ministers. Rarely have I seen Phil animated when he teaches, but it was clear with the few hand motions he gave this was a subject heavy on his heart which the Spirit had stirred in his soul. And rightly so. Yet, in spite of his convicting sermon, however, critics immediately went to work to discredit what he had stated complaining he misrepresented Driscoll and anyone who employs his type of antics in the pulpit.

The message can be downloaded at the Shepherd's Fellowship website, along with all the audio of the main sessions. If you are not inclined to fill out one of those annoying forms in order to obtain a login password, Phil's message can be downloaded here as well.

Grace to You has also posted a transcript of Phil's message to be accessed HERE.

Phil has also answered the main questions asked by his critics at his blog which are worth reading: Preachin' Dirty

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