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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Memories

A Hip and Thigh Classic

(From Feb. 2006. Hence the reason we have "3" children)

My wife and I had a lovely Valentine's Day on Tuesday evening. We dined at our favorite Italian restaurant and shared a big bowl of chicken and goat-cheese pasta. After dinner, we did what all parents of 3 toddler age children do - we went to the new Wal-Mart Supercenter and walked around holding hands.

It was quite romantic.

One topic of discussion occupying our time as we drove to our various destinations is how Valentine's Day has changed over the last decade or more. At least from my vantage point as a grouchy old 30 something.

First off is the sleazy element that has taken over Valentine's Day. You could call it the "Victoria's Secreting" of Valentine's Day. Otherwise decent women who are not prone to displays of partial nudity in public feel free to wear lingerie when they eat out. Even more stunning is how their husbands or boyfriends do not care their wives or girlfriends look like they are in competition to get on the cover of Maxim Magazine. Come on people, let us maintain some dignity. A lot of you people have children for goodness sake.

Even more is the out and out commercialization. Again, with the sleazy, pornofide element attached to it. Any advertisement for Valentine's Day has sexual innuendos woven through out. Even the run of the mill cards you would buy for a friend or loved one are filled with some level of sexuality. I do not recall any of this when I was a kid.

All I remember is how Valentine'’ was a soul-crushing season of the year for me. Our teacher would have us build our own mailboxes out old shoe boxes covered with pink and red construction paper. We cut a slit in the top and taped it to the front of our desk. Then, when Valentine's Day came, at the designated time, all the kids in the class were to put their cards in each others mailboxes.

Except for those few friends I had whose mother's wrote my name on a card, my box remained empty. I always dreamed of getting a card from the 3rd grade super models Angela Burge or Julie Stevens. I guess there were not a whole lot of girls who wanted to make a heavyset asthmatic guy who wheezed audibly their Valentine.

One year, I think in fifth grade, before a P.C. mindset had totally saturated every aspect of society, our teacher made every kid make a card for every other kid so no one would be left out. You know that "Everyone is a special Valentine!" philosophy. The problem, however, is she never stipulated what could or could not be written on the card, so I received a lot of "Have a fatty Valentine's Day" and "Don't be mine Freddy Big Butt-ler" notes. But, never did I get a card with some crude sexual comment, nor did I or any other kid I knew, ever think of writing such a thing on any card we gave to anyone else.

Maybe I am more exposed to it because I live in LA, where the culture constantly exports a Playboy-Hustler worldview of life that equates lust and erotica with true love and commitment. I hope it is not like that out in the real world away from Southern California.

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Blogger David said...

Wow, I am glad the lingerie fad has not hit arkansas..the amount of "plus size" (that is a nice description) models here would take away the mood (to eat, breathe, see,...)


7:23 AM, February 14, 2009  
Blogger donsands said...

"I hope it is not like that out in the real world away from Southern California."

It's alive and kickin' on the East Coast for sure.

Nice post.

My wife and I exchanged cards, and we watched Fiddler on the Roof last evening. What a terrific film. Some genuinely powerful scenes.

Have a blessed Lord's day.

11:58 AM, February 14, 2009  

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