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Friday, January 16, 2009

Steppin' High and to the Right

David Cloud has done a tremendous redesign of his Way of Strife... I mean, Way of Life website.

As much as a like to poke at ole' Bro. Cloud, I honestly confess he has done a good job. His site looks really cool.

It was like he had some good hearted fundamentalist friends call a web page design company that's like the equivalent to TLC's "What Not to Wear." You know, that show in which they take a disheveled and frumpy chubby girl, give her a hair cut, throw out her ill fitting clothes in exchange for a few expensive outfits from Saks 5th Avenue, and a give her a complete make-up job in order to turn her into a beautiful swan.

In this case, however, rather than a frumpy girl we have Cloud's website. Gone is the Matt Drudge armaggedon news type. It has been traded in for a much more aesthetically appealing, easier on the eyes to read "marigold" looking font. Pictures have been added to some of the articles for emphasis. And a real addition is the categories organized in the side bar. He has a real selection to choose from.

But, just like taking an "ugly Betty," giving her a hair cut, some make-up, and a new dress, you truly can't really do away with the frumpy. So too here with this new site. You will still find the hysterical pronouncements of apostasy and compromise by such-and-such a person/church/Bible college, and the raising of Bro. Cloud's personal fundamentalist preference issues to the levels of biblical dogma. Comments have been conveniently turned off. Of course, I understand how comments can be an annoying distraction for anyone.

It's also a good thing for me, because I would be so tempted to spend my entire day leaving snarky remarks.



Blogger P.D. Nelson said...

You know you can clean up a pig, put earrings on its ears and lipstick on its mouth. Dress it up in a prom dress and take to the dance but it will still be a pig.

Error prettied up is still error.

2:29 PM, January 17, 2009  

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